Grab Horror Stories That Make You Wish Uber Was Still Here

While we don't dislike Grab, the lack of alternative ride-sharing services has led to these disappointing Grab horror stories.

The loss of Uber services in the Philippines was a big blow to commuters who constantly depend on the ride-sharing app. Uber, while a bit pricey, was reliable, convenient, and provided good service. While Grab provides a similar service, the lack of competition has caused some Grab drivers to become more abusive. Hopefully, these Grab horror stories will convince Grab to improve their services in the future!

Grab horror stories that make you wish Uber was still here

1. What?

It's one thing to decline an unreasonable request, but this seems like the driver is the one making demands!

2. Maybe he likes Jollibee more than Mcdonald's?

This Grab horror story sounds more like a joke, but alas, it really did happen.

3. Yikes!

Taking advantage of waiting passengers? Not cool.

4. We don't think that this is an actual policy from Grab

It's not easy to earn a living, but that's no excuse to try and trick people into paying you extra.

5. At least he's clean?

We don't have any words. This is just the weirdest excuse.

6. Now this driver's just lazy!

"Too far" isn't really a valid excuse, especially since the driver was the one who accepted the booking in the first place.

7. Pro-tip: If the driver asks you to cancel, don't!

You should cancel at your discretion, not because the driver told you to do so.

8. Drivers should only charge what's on the meter

You shouldn't haggle a price with your driver since the app is supposed to it for the rider and the passenger.

9. Grab should really be stricter with their drivers

Grab should implement stricter rules and guidelines so situations like this can be avoided.

10. This is just reprehensible behavior

Hopefully these Grab horror stories would serve as a lesson for drivers as well as passengers to be on their best behavior.


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