Grab Riders In Singapore Can Now Buy Snacks Inside Their Ride

Grab Riders In Singapore Can Now Buy Snacks Inside Their Ride

Feeling peckish? Grab&Go's here to cater to you.

Ever been so busy that you just can’t find the time to grab a bite to eat between meetings? If you’re riding a Grab in Singapore the next time this happens, you might be in luck.

Grab has recently partnered with US startup Cargo to launch Grab&Go, a new in-car service that lets riders purchase snacks and beauty items from their drivers.

Grab&Go in Singapore: How does it work?

grab&go in singapore

Source: Grab

Riders can use their phone to order from the online menu, and the cost will simply be added to their final fare.

Some lucky customers will also get freebies from brands like Kellogg’s, Biore UV, Novu, and Luxe Luminique. These free samples are meant to encourage passengers to pay for items on future rides.

Having a mini convenience store in your ride is not just convenient for riders, but is also a great way for Grab driver-partners to make more money.

When passengers use Grab&Go, even just to get free samples, Grab drivers earn money. They get a 20% commission fee for each paid sale, and also earn a S$1 check-out bonus for every order. Driver-partners will be able to earn between S$75 to S$250 per month in additional income.

Where is Grab&Go available?

grab&go in singapore

Source: Grab

Currently, Grab&Go is only available in Singapore, but there are plans to expand this offering in other Southeast Asian markets.

“At Grab, we are always thinking about ways to better serve our customers. We’re excited to partner with Cargo to deliver more value to our passengers, while increasing the number of income streams available to our driver-partners,” Nash Islam, Head of Regional Advertising of Grab, tells Vulcan Post.

“It’s a win-win for both drivers and passengers, and we are looking forward to bringing this experience to all our customers in Southeast Asia.”


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