Get 80% Off Grab Rides In Malaysia With This Awesome Tip!

Get 80% Off Grab Rides In Malaysia With This Awesome Tip!

Want to know how to get 80% off your Grab rides?

For those of you who don’t have cars (yay to being smart with your money – because it costs more to own a car!), then you will definitely want to know more about how to get a Grab discount or use promo codes or maybe even use the new GrabPay option!

As a regular Grab user, the spending really adds up. But that’s why Grab wants to reward you when you take Grab with its rewards programme. 

But recently, they have also introduced GrabPay. 

Now, when you use GrabPay to pay for your rides, you get a whopping 80% off your rides! Yup, you read that right. Eight-zero! 


A short ride, which will typically cost you around RM8, is now only RM1.50 with GrabPay. 

And it’s really easy to top up your GrabPay account. 

How does GrabPay work?


GrabPay is awesome because you get to go totally cashless with your rides, shopping and food! And even non-credit or debit card users can use this service. 

Think of it like a bank account or your prepaid SIM card. You load (and reload) credits into your account for you to use. 

You can use it to pay for your rides, for in-store purchases at certain places, to pay for your GrabFood and also transfer credits (if you upgrade your GrabPay account).

With the new GrabPay, there have been complaints that existing users who do not adopt the service won’t earn as many points for their transactions. 

But that’s the way it is, we suppose, with a monopoly in some markets Grab is in. 

However, if you do make the switch to GrabPay, you will be earning more points for your transactions than if you use cash or credit/debit cards. 

How to create a GrabPay account


Source: Grab

Here’s what you need to do to get started with GrabPay. 

Step 1: Tap on the G Wallet button on the top right corner of the application. 

Step 2: Select “Top Up GrabPay credits”.

Step 3: Choose how you would like to pay for your credits (in-store, cards and wallets or via online banking). 

Step 4: Choose the amount you wish to top up and follow the instructions. 

And you’re done! Your credits will immediately be made available for you to utilise. 

How to make your GrabPay account safe

If you’re paranoid about using GrabPay and wondering about its safety, here are some tips for you to keep your account safe. 

  • Create a PIN. Go to ‘Settings’ in your Grab app menu and select ‘Set Up a PIN’.
  • Make sure your PIN is hard to guess.
  • Keep your PIN secret and do not share your PIN with others.
  • If you think someone has gained unauthorised access to your smartphone or Grab app, report to Grab’s customer support immediately. 
  • Keep your phone locked whenever you are not using it. 
  • Do not top up huge amounts of credits at one go. 


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