Thinking Of Balloting Soon? Check Out These Upcoming BTO Projects

Thinking Of Balloting Soon? Check Out These Upcoming BTO ProjectsThinking Of Balloting Soon? Check Out These Upcoming BTO Projects

Keen to buy a property? Check our guide to see what you might have missed.

When you talk about buying a property in Singapore, it’s the first thing people google nowadays “HDB BTO 2018”. And it’s no surprise, given Housing & Development Board (HDB) flats are amongst the most popular choice that Singaporeans live in. Sure, many people rent but 90% of Singaporeans own a flat. After all, it’s part of ‘adulting’, right? But before you rush off to ballot, take a look at these properties first.

Cheapest HDB BTO 2018 properties

hdb bto 2018

Source: Pexels

It’s worth noting the average prices across the board: 3-room units are S$310,000, 4-room units are S$470,000 and 5-room units are S$550,000.

We give detail of indicative prices (includes grants) and our take on the properties below.

“Kim Keat Beacon” in Toa Payoh

Total units: 540

Location: Next to Kim Keat Avenue

3-room unit price range: S$225,000 – S$292,000

4-room unit price range: S$375,000 – S$463,000

The project is close to a popular Chinese primary school, Pei Chun Public School, but residents might get annoyed by the noise pollution from nearby construction projects and busy traffic.


Fernvale Dew in Sengkang

Total units: 1,188

Location: Near Jalan Kayu

2-room flexi unit price range: S$3,000 (40-year lease), S$4,000 (99-year lease)
3-room unit price range: S$112,000 – S$227,000
4-room unit price range: S$219,000 – S$342,000
5-room unit price range: S$357,000 – S$426,000

The prices are excellent across the board, and the project is within 20 minutes walk from the Fernvale LRT and Sengkang MRT stations. A lot of existing amenities around gives you and the (future) family something to do in your downtime if you don’t fancy heading into the city centre.

hdb bto 2018

SourceL Pikwizard

Casa Spring @ Yishun

Total units: 969

Location: Near to Lower Seletar Reservoir Park

2-room flex unit price range: S$3,000 (40-year lease), S$4,000 (99-year lease)
4-room unit price range: S$196,000 – S$295,000
5-room unit price range: S$330,000 – S$386,000

Casa Spring is clearly the most affordable project out of the May BTO launches. However, the caveat is you’ll be far from anything interesting. The closest MRT station is more than 20 minutes walk, and the closest attraction is the Lower Seletar Reservoir Park. However, if you love nature this might be your kind of BTO.


Tampines GreenVines

hdb bto 2018

Source: Unsplash

Total units: 1,271

Location: Close to Tampines Ikea, Courts and Giant

3-room unit price range: S$190,000 – S$237,000
4-room unit price range: S$307,000 – S$358,000
5-room unit price range: S$422,000 – S$495,000

Tampines GreenVines might be perfect for young families. A lot of the amenities nearby are geared towards spending time with kids. You’ve got Ikea nearby, which is practically a kid’s dream playground. And there are parks to enjoy the sun and have picnics in! 

Future HDB BTO 2018 projects 

hdb bto 2018

Source: Pixabay

In August, two exciting HDB BTO 2018 projects in Yishun and Punggol are expected to be launched. We’ll leave it up to you whether to grab a flat from the May projects, or to invest in upcoming properties.


Total units: 2,260

Location: On Yishun Street

2-room Flexi: From S$76,000

3-room unit price range: TBC
4-room unit price range: From S$$256,000
5-room unit price range: From S$335,000

Price estimates are based on Yishun’s Casa Spring (see above). Junction Nine shopping mall is a short walk away, and Northpoint City is further out if you want to venture. The closest MRT is just over 20 minutes walk away. There are many reputable primary schools around. And if you love food (who’s kidding – we all do!), the famous Yishun Park Hawker Centre is less than 10 minutes away.



Total units: 2,070

Location: On Northshore Drive

2-room Flexi: TBC

3-room unit price range: TBC
4-room unit price range: From S$$287,000
5-room unit price range: From S$357,000

Price estimates were based on Punggol’s previous November 2017 HDB BTO project. If you aren’t in a hurry to move and want to invest in a potentially exciting and happening area, this might be the one. There’s not a lot to do or see currently, and public transport is sparse as well. However, the big land areas will be developed and filled with malls and food outlets over the next few years.


Is the HDB BTO 2018 markets good for you? Ready to take the plunge and put down a deposit for the August 2018 projects? Let us know in the comments!

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