Man Working In Korea Did Not Think Much Of Headache And Died Two Weeks Later

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He complained of a headache and went to the clinic, not thinking that it would lead to such a serious issue.

Sometimes when we work really hard and we get a headache, we don’t think too much about it. We brush it off and hope it goes away after a while.

But this man who got a headache and a fever, didn’t think too much about it and subsequently died two weeks later. His sister took to Facebook to warn others of the dangers of leaving it untreated.


Source: Facebook

According to Definitely Filipino, the 18-year-old Patrick Mendoza and his sister, Jovelyn Mendoza, were both working in a South Korean factory.

It all started when Patrick suffered from a headache and fever on 11 March. He went to a local clinic where he received an injection and was prescribed with some medication.

He seemed to have recovered after that, but then, fell sick again after four days and could not go to work. But Patrick refused to be admitted in the hospital. He thought it was just a regular headache.

His mother and sister did not insist that he should be admitted as they knew he would be angry if they did so.

But the next day, Patrick suddenly suffered from seizures at 12:45pm and was rushed to the hospital.


Source: Facebook

Again, he was given various injections and medication, but things did not improve. Doctors put him in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) due to his critical condition.

Later, test reports indicated that Patrick was suffering from encephalitis, a condition where acute inflammation happens in the brain caused by a virus. It was suspected that he had inhaled the virus, which went straight to his brain.


Source: Facebook

Though the treatments stopped his seizures, his lungs and kidneys were already very damaged. He became weaker and eventually the medication had stopped working on him.

On 24 March, his condition stabilised, though he remained unconscious. Four days later, Patrick suffered from cardiac arrest and could not be revived. The medical staff tried to resuscitate him for an hour but to no avail.


Source: Facebook

His sister wrote on Facebook that “health is wealth” before recounting her traumatic ordeal. She reminded everyone to regularly monitor their health and not to ignore simple symptoms like a headache as it could be a sign of a more serious, underlying problem.


The next time you get a headache, be sure to get it checked, especially if it is recurring!

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