Heavy Traffic At Woodlands And Tuas This Chinese New Year, ICA Warns

See if you can make alternative travel plans ASAP!

Chinese New Year is next week and if you’re planning on driving out of Singapore, heed this warning.

The Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) has issued a news release saying travellers will experience heavy traffic at Woodlands and Tuas checkpoints over the festive period.

Travellers driving out of Singapore can expect delays between February 10 and February 20, ICA said.

Outgoing traffic is expected to start as early as this weekend, while heavy traffic at Woodlands and Tuas in both directions will carry on all the way until February 20.

Heavy traffic at Woodlands and Tuas, more stringent checks

heavy traffic at woodlands and tuas

ICA also said to expect a longer than usual waiting time at checkpoints as security will be tighter over the festive period.

"Security at our checkpoints remains ICA's top priority against any potential threats to Singapore," it said.

"The BioScreen system has been progressively implemented at all our checkpoints to capture the thumbprints of arriving and departing travellers”

It even added that “travellers are advised to adjust their travel plans if possible".

Check for heavy traffic at Woodlands and Tuas before leaving

heavy traffic at woodlands and tuas

Motorists are also encouraged to check the traffic situation before leaving. This can be done by calling the traffic information hotline at 6863 0117, or tune in to the radio.

Another option is to head online to www.onemotoring.com.sg or www.mytransport.sg.

ICA also issued a reminder to travellers to check and ensure they are using their own passports with a remaining validity of six months or more.

If the wrong passport is presented, there will be a huge delay at immigration clearance.

To avoid further delays, also be sure to declare all items subjected to goods and services tax (GST). Those who spend less than 48 hours away from Singapore are granted a GST relief of S$150. For 48 hours and more, a GST relief of S$600 is granted.

This is applicable for items such as souvenirs, gifts and food preparations. However, items like liquor and tobacco are not included. These are goods that must be declared as travellers who do not declare them will face a penalty.

Stay safe on the road this festive season. Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Source: Channel News Asia


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