How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Hitman In Malaysia

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Hmm, apparently, it's quite cheap!

If you’ve ever come across a situation where you feel like you’re so angry, you could kill someone… don’t. Crime is not worth paying for with your life. However, there are people for hire who do this for a living. Not that we’re condoning it AT ALL. But if you were ever curious about how much hitmen n Malaysia cost, here’s the answer. 

How much hitmen in Malaysia cost

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Hitmen, if you don’t already know, are men hired to kill someone on behalf of someone else. You would think that the fee for something like this would be very expensive. After all, they are putting their lives at risk when they take on a job. 

However, many articles have outlined that you can hire a hitman for just RM5,000 (S$1,666). That’s probably less than half the average pay in Singapore, right? 

Of course, RM5,000 is just a projected figure. Some reports say that hiring a hitman can go up to RM15,000 (S$5,000). 

But if you’re simply hiring someone to cut off one’s limb, for instance, the fee is much lower. 

To chop off someone’s ear, hand or foot, the amount charged is between RM1,000 to RM3,000 and the amount would then vary based on the extent of injury one wishes to inflict on the target,” a source said in an interview with Malaysian Digest. 

In a murder case that happened in 2016, a high-profile woman was brutally shot by hired killers for a fee of RM60,000. 

So it would appear that the more high-profile or risky the case is, the more it will cost to get it done. 

Why is it so cheap?

hitmen in Malaysia

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Well, for one, pistols are cheap in the black market in Malaysia. The automatic Glock pistol only costs RM2,000 and its bullets cost less than RM2 each (with 12 to 16 bullets in a Glock), which is cheaper than a soft drink at 7-Eleven. 

Another reason why the hitmen can charge this rate is because many of them are foreign workers. The same source revealed that hitmen are usually citizens of neighbouring countries who enter Malaysia specifically under a ‘kill contract’. 

“Most of the gunmen are Indonesians, Filipinos or locals who need money, or drug addicts,” the source said.


Now you know how much hitmen in Malaysia cost. Don’t go around pissing anyone off.

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