Chinese Woman Falls For "Police" Scam And Loses $143,000

Chinese Woman Falls For "Police" Scam And Loses $143,000

Next time someone calls claiming they're police, make sure to double check!

Scammers continue to plague society. The schemes range from simple to complicated. They rely on bamboozling people who aren’t familiar with their environment. Even though staying calm helps to escape the situation, not everyone leaves unscathed.

Mainland Chinese woman targeted by Hong Kong scammers

As South China Morning Post reports, a 29-year-old woman from mainland China called the Hong Kong police department after she discovered she was a victim of a scam. She reported her losses on Sep, 3 when she saw her money was missing.

The swindler claimed he was an officer from the Beijing public security bureau. He accused her of laundering money and demanded a transfer of 980,000 Yuan (US$143,000 or PHP 7,700,000) to assist with the police investigation. She unfortunately complied and sent the requested amount to an account in China.

Fewer phone scams compared to last year

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Although this lady was a victim of many of Hong Kong’s phone scams, fewer people are getting tricked. Hong Kong police disclosed only HK$10.55 million was received as part of phone scam schemes between January and June this year. This is 92 per cent less compared to the same period last year, with HK$147.25 million being taken.

And year by year, the number of police reports drop. In 2016, 1,138 similar incidents were called in, and 2017 had 991 reports.

Furthermore, Hong Kong’s most infamous phone scam happened in 2016. A 52-year-old Yuen Long resident was tricked into losing HK$58 million.

The general trend to convince people like they need to give money involves accusing the potential victims that they somehow broke mainland laws. However, more drastic measures were reported. These include incidents where a swindler will threaten the victim that their relatives are held hostage and a ransom is required.

However, people are growing smarter as they become more aware of phone scams. This year, the number of victims have declined to 165. Which is a 62 per cent drop compared to last year.


It’s important to stay vigilant when you receive a cold call from someone claiming to be police. Share this article with your friends to help spread awareness!

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