It’s Never Too Late: 5 Things I Learned From Going Back To Work After 19 Years As A Housewife

It’s Never Too Late: 5 Things I Learned From Going Back To Work After 19 Years As A HousewifeIt’s Never Too Late: 5 Things I Learned From Going Back To Work After 19 Years As A Housewife

Sonam Karamchandani was a full-time housewife for almost two decades before she decided to rejoin the workforce. And now that she's restarted her career, she's thriving. Read on to learn more about her experience.

Are you a housewife returning to work? Or simply considering the big leap? It's never too late.

For 19 years, I was a full-time housewife. I had a Masters in Economics, Diploma in Computer, and also a couple of jobs before my marriage, but after I got married, I did nothing with all my qualifications and experience.

After being out of the workforce for so long, I never thought that I’d ever work again. But to my immense pleasure, I am working again! Now, I'm a substitute teacher at an international school in Bangkok, and I also sell accessories during exhibitions.

its never too late

It's never too late. Here's what I learned as a long-time housewife returning to work:

1. People will be incredibly supportive

First and foremost, what I liked the most was the appreciation I got from my own kids. Besides giving me confidence, somehow I felt that this decision made my kids very proud of their own mother. Without me saying anything, this made them learn so much about life and the value of money. Truly, the best way to teach is by example.

Secondly, I was overwhelmed by the appreciation and encouragement I got from my extended family and friends. It was a surprise to me; times have really changed!

Last but not the least on this list is my husband. Words can’t define it but it gave me this sweet feeling of being his partner in toto now!

2. Work is empowering

I learnt that it’s so important to have a small world of your own where you are the decision-maker of everything. Believe me, that feeling of being confident and at the same time being responsible for all your actions is amazing.

Extra money is, of course, something which brings immense pleasure to all of us. So yes, now I have a good share of money which is totally earned by me and is mine! So I choose to either save or splurge.

3. Work also builds character

For some reason, this experience has made me very positive and less likely to sweat the small stuff. I think venturing out of my comfort zone and meeting people from different walks of life has taught me a lot about life.

4. You'll be thankful for your past

One thing I learned for sure is that whatever you learn in life never goes waste. It was such a good feeling to know that my master's degree in economics that I earned 22 years ago would be a highlight in my resume.

I'm also thankful for the past 19 years when I didn’t work at all. That time was needed to build on my role of a wife, mother, and homemaker. So now when I look back, I have no regrets at all!

5. You'll learn more about yourself

What I love the most about it or rather what I discovered from this experience was a “new me “ or “the real me”.

It definitely taught me to believe in myself and that it’s never too late to try, to give it a shot! And guess that’s exactly what I am doing here, writing for Asian Money Guide!

its never too late


Are you a housewife returning to work soon? We hope this article was encouraging!

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