How Much Are Your Body Parts Worth On The Black Market?

How Much Are Your Body Parts Worth On The Black Market?How Much Are Your Body Parts Worth On The Black Market?

Here's a morbid thought: you could be worth more dead than alive.

Ever felt so strapped for cash that you joked about selling your kidney? Maybe after finding out how much your body parts are worth, you might actually start considering it.

But don't. That's a bad idea.

Still, it's cool to see how much our body parts are worth on the black market. Thankfully, created an infographic that spells it out for us.

How much are your body parts worth? Some highlights

A kidney is worth $262,000 in the US; $62,000 in China, and $15,000 in India.

A pint of blood is worth $337 in the US, but is just $25 in India.

Your eyeballs could fetch around $1,525.

Your scalp? $607.

Your small intestine is worth $2,519.

Skin is $10 per square inch.

Curious about how much you'd be worth all in all? Buzzfeed did the math. Depending on how much skin you have, your body parts could be worth $551,473.

And that's not accounting for other body parts that weren't included in the infographic—take your lungs, for example.

Empty graves, stolen body parts

Looking at this figures, it isn't any wonder that 1,700 families have reported that their loved ones' bodies were stolen over the past 25 years.

All it takes is one greedy and dishonest employee at a funeral parlour to supply the black market with body parts. The parts are removed, then the body is sewn up to disguise any signs of theft.

And when you opt for a cremation, there's a chance that only part of the ashes is real. Yikes.

See the whole infographic below:

how much are your body parts worth

h/t Buzzfeed

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