Leadership Tips For New Managers: 5 Ways To Be An Effective Boss

Leadership Tips For New Managers: 5 Ways To Be An Effective BossLeadership Tips For New Managers: 5 Ways To Be An Effective Boss

Set up your team for success with these leadership tips for new managers from digital marketing expert Natt Ford.

Being a manager doesn’t automatically make you a good leader. But to be an effective manager, you have to know how to lead well.

Over the course of my career, I have ran teams of 3 people all the way to 200 people. I have also promoted and demoted countless managers. 

How to be a good leader and manager?

Here are some of my leadership tips for new managers. 

1. Get to know your team as individuals

how to be a good leader and manager

Everyone on your team should work together to achieve the company’s goals, which is why you should touch base with everyone individually to know that you are all on the same page.

By making efforts to understand your team individually, you demonstrate how much you care for the team. In addition, you must understand the top management and stakeholders of the company as well so you can be a good mediator between the top management and your staff.

2. Be the manager and leader you’d want to have

You’ve probably had some bad experiences with a previous manager. Maybe they didn’t have your back when you were in trouble, or they just couldn’t be bothered to communicate well.

One rule of thumb when managing is making the conscious decision to not be the kind of manager you do not like. Be the manager and leader you want to have. Don’t let your team bear the brunt of your shortcomings and change yourself to be a good listener who’s present and approachable.

3. Never think, “You do the work, I do the talk”

Some managers think that they can leave all the work to their team, thinking that their job only entails reporting to upper management. But this is the 21st century, not the 15th. Your staff aren’t your servants, you’re all part of one one team!

Your team is looking for a manager and leader who will work hand-in-hand with them, not someone who’ll just bark orders at them. Gain your team’s respect by working with them and make them feel supported.

4. Don’t just take, you’ve got to give!

how to be a good leader and manager

You cannot do anything on your own. You rely on your team to deliver and execute your plans, so make sure you give them something back. If you see someone on your team showing true potential, make sure that you give them the opportunity to grow in their career.

By giving them career development, you are helping your company retain its best performers as well. And it is so fulfilling to see someone be successful in their career and know that you played a part in that!

5. Understand your role

Do not forget that company hired you as a manager to achieve a certain business objective. In the end, you earn a salary from your performance. It does not mean that you cannot be a good leader but understanding of your role helps you to be aware your key business result.

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