Looking For A Sugar Daddy? Do It The Safe Way With These Tips

Looking For A Sugar Daddy? Do It The Safe Way With These TipsLooking For A Sugar Daddy? Do It The Safe Way With These Tips

There is no shame in finding a sugar daddy to support your needs as you support his. After all, it’s between consenting adults. The question is how to find a sugar daddy in the best way.

Don’t we all wish we could live the life of a tai tai and not have to worry about finances?

Well, when you find a sugar daddy, you can actually live that life and not be tied down with the commitment that marrying a rich man brings.

That’s why so many women are now turning towards this unorthodox alternative to finding easy money.

Belinda Chan, 24, openly admits she wouldn’t mind having a sugar daddy if it meant being able to buy a new branded handbag every fortnight.

Cassie Loo, 28, has visited over 40 countries and receives a monthly allowance north of $5,000 from her sugar daddy. All she claims she has to do is keep the old man company whenever he is in town. No sex is involved.  

His terms include her showing him off to her friends — of which she has no problem or shame in doing. Normally, she does that with him and at least 10 shopping bags in tow.

Melissa, who turns 21 in September, says her parents couldn’t afford to put her through law school, a dream she’s had since she was 16. So when she turned 18, she sought out a sugar daddy who paid her tuition in full and even gave her a monthly allowance.

It allowed her to pursue her dreams and not have to worry about working while studying, giving her a 4.0 GPA throughout university.

No matter the reason behind finding a sugar daddy, it is a rising trend. More women are openly admitting to this and more men are out looking for their next sugar baby.

So if you’re thinking of exploring this idea, here’s how to find a sugar daddy in the safest way possible.

1. Find them through reputable sites

how to find a sugar daddy

Seeking Arrangement is one of the most popular sites that sugar babies and sugar daddies use. As long as you go through a reputable site that verifies all your credentials (as well as the sugar daddy’s), it filters out some of the risk that comes with “online dating”.

Sugardaddymeet.com and Millionairematch.com are two other options worth considering. According to Sugardaddysingapore.org, the most popular site locally is Sugardaddymeet.com. Apparently, they even have an app!

2. Go through their profiles with a fine-toothed comb

how to find a sugar daddy

When you want a ‘halal’ bae…

These websites give you a platform to find your perfect match, but how do you know that the information they’ve provided is true? Thankfully, this is also something Seeking Arrangement and other reputable sites have covered.

Members will have to go through a screening process (which includes a pretty thorough background check) before being given a verified badge to display on their profiles. You can filter unverified members out immediately, for better safety. Seeking Arrangement goes through a rigid screening process which includes checking criminal backgrounds as well as tracing addresses and even international warrants.

3. Make intentions clear from the beginning

how to find a sugar daddy

I think the last dude came to the wrong site…

Will you want to be physical with the man or not? Make this clear from the start. Heck, make it clear in the first sentence of your profile. If you’re not interested in sex, then don’t lead the men on. This way, you also get to filter out those who only want sex.

You can utilise all the settings and configurations available on the website to your advantage. If you only want those whose net worths exceed S$5 million, then go ahead and put that in your filter to ensure you only get those that meet your requirements.

4. Go through friends

how to find a sugar daddy

Nothing says BFF like sharing a sugar daddy, after all.

If any of your friends are sugar babies, ask them if they have any sugar daddies they would recommend. This is always a good way to get into the scene. You will know that the sugar daddy is legitimate. Ask your friend to set you both up on a date and be clear about your demands from the first date.

5. Hang out in places where rich men do

how to find a sugar daddy

You could ask for some tips on holding the long wooden… golf club.

Golf clubs, cigar lounges, restaurants and bars in rich neighbourhoods… pick one and become a regular there. You are bound to meet sugar daddies here. Catch the eye of a rich, older man and you might just find yourself a sugar daddy.

Safety is important when finding a sugar daddy. Make sure your friends know where you are at all times and be vigilant when screening through sugar daddies.



Would you ever consider the sugar baby lifestyle? Why or why not? Let us know in the comments.

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