The Two Secrets To Building A Kick-Ass Content Strategy

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How do you stand out from your competition and reach your audience? Freelance content and media producer Monisha Bajaj shares her secrets.

For your content to serve a purpose, you need to know what the purpose is. A content strategy justifies why you spend time, money, and energy creating original content. What could a blog post or video do for your business?

Through your content, you get to speak directly to your desired audience.

Do you want everyone to know you are an expert in your field? That they can trust you to help them? What do you want people to do with the knowledge you share (a.k.a what is the call-to-action)?  

A well-crafted strategy will guide your decision-making. It makes the process of creating content more intentional. With a system and framework, you won’t be left wondering “what should I write about today?”

Instead, you deliberately make content that is compelling to your audience and is aligned with your goals. From buyer journeys to brand guidelines, a successful strategy outlines everything you should know before jumping into production. Sounds useful, right?

How to make a content strategy? The Secret Sauce

The Two Secrets To Building A Kick-Ass Content Strategy

In reality, mapping all of this out can take some time and feel overwhelming. Here are two key ingredients that will steer your strategy in the right direction:

1. Thorough research

Research infuses your strategy with relevance—for your audience, industry, and company. Don’t miss the mark by leaving it to guesswork.

Investigate: you can only provide solutions to problems you truly understand. Dig in to uncover what your target audience wants. Actively work to learn what your consumer’s pain points are.

Then, you’ll know exactly what to focus your content messaging on and which content channels to use. Evidence-based insights enable you to meet your audience where they actually are.

2. Measurable and documented goals

How many people do you want to reach? What do you want people to feel? Define quantitative and qualitative goals to clarify your vision. Spelling out key performance indicators will help validate why you are investing in content, and allow you to measure your progress.

When you start putting your content out there: observe the response, get feedback, take notes. Maybe you learn people interact with your videos much more than your graphics. Keep track of what works and what doesn’t. Then, you can see if you are putting your resources in the right places.

Unless you list your goals and monitor your results, you won’t be able to see if your content is doing what you hoped it would.

Remember, your strategy isn’t static. Stay aware of content trends, media channels, and audience reactions. Make updates as needed. A well thought out and adaptable strategy will ultimately result in more impactful content.


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