How To Negotiate For A Raise: 9 Simple Ways To Get That Salary Upgrade

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Girl, you gotta know your worth!

So you’ve been at your job for a few years now, and you think it’s about time that you get a raise. After all, you’ve been killing it! All you need to know now is how to negotiate a raise.

You’ve been putting in extra hours to meet extra tight deadlines, covering for colleagues on long leaves, and doing a lot more than what your job description entails.  

How to negotiate a raise: 9 Tips to get what you want (and deserve)

You might think that bringing up a raise with your supervisor is a sensitive topic, and in a way, it is. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have that conversation. You just have to be prepared. Keep reading to learn how to negotiate a raise

1. Do your research 

First, you actually have to know your worth. This could entail asking friends and family in similar roles how much they make (most will probably be uncomfortable talking about this, but some might be happy to give you a range), or you could just go on job sites to understand how the market values your role.

2. Know what you bring to the table

Be prepared to explain your reasoning. You’ve got to be able to give concrete evidence of your value to the company, so if you haven’t really done anything to distinguish yourself from your coworkers, it’s probably unrealistic to ask for a raise.

But if you've been performing exceptionally, take account of your significant accomplishments. Note how you work with other teams, and communicate that your performance has been above par.

3. Watch your timing

Most companies have regular performance reviews or pay evaluations, so if possible, wait until then.

If your performance review is months away, try to time your meeting with your supervisor after you’ve had some success with a project, or after you’ve taken on more responsibilities.That way, your boss will already be feeling good about you, and you shouldn’t have to go into too much detail on why you think you deserve a raise.

4. Think of it as a collaboration, not a confrontation

Antagonising your supervisor is a no-no. Yes, you need to be assertive, but you also have to keep things friendly so you can reach an agreement. Don’t take it personally, try to work together, and the negotiation will go more smoothly.

5.Take your time

Don’t rush into giving the number or range that you want. If possible, wait for your supervisor to name a number so that you can negotiate for a higher figure. If your supervisor insists that you name a figure first, give a range that begins with a figure you would be happy to walk away with.

6.  Exude confidence

Communicating confidence is key in any negotiation, so watch your body language and tone. Speak slowly and calmly, maintain eye contact, and keep your body straight and open.

7.Be flexible

Maybe your company just doesn’t have the resources to give you a raise. In that case, would you be happy with getting more perks? Maybe you can negotiate for more vacation days, the option to work from home, or a better title.

They might offer you educational opportunities or company shares. Keep an open mind and you might find yourself pretty happy with the compromise they’re offering.

8. Paint a picture

If you’re negotiating for a promotion, express how much more you can contribute to the company if you were given a role with more responsibility. Talk about skills that you haven’t been able to fully utilise in your current role, and how much you’re looking forward to growing. Just show initiative, and you may be rewarded.

9. Stay polite, even if they say no

how to negotiate a raise

Even if you don’t get what you want, remember that you’ll have to continue working with your supervisor, so remain polite. Thank them for their time, and consider your options. You might still want to stay, but this might also be your cue to start looking for other job opportunities.

Whether or not you walk away from your meeting with what you want, at least you can rest assured in the fact that you gave it your best shot.


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