Wedding Ideas On A Budget: 22 Insanely Easy Ways To Save Money On Your Wedding

Wedding Ideas On A Budget: 22 Insanely Easy Ways To Save Money On Your WeddingWedding Ideas On A Budget: 22 Insanely Easy Ways To Save Money On Your Wedding

Looking for wedding ideas on a budget? You’ve come to the right place.

How to plan a wedding on a small budget?

Weddings have gotten crazy expensive, but they don’t have to be. There are so many ways to cut costs on your wedding—here are just 23 wedding ideas on a budget.

Venue considerations for wedding ideas on a budget

how to plan a wedding on a small budget

1. Look for cheap decorations. Try your hand at craft stores, DIY stores, and even garage sales.

2. Hold the ceremony and reception in the same venue. You get to save on transportation and decor.

3. Look for a venue that can do without much decor. Go for places with lots of natural beauty, or a beautiful historical building.


4. Plan early. Booking your venue and suppliers early can save you money, and you get to have more time to look for deals.

5. Schedule an off-peak wedding. The higher the demand for a certain date, the higher the prices will be.

6. Get married in the morning. Since evening weddings are more popular, they’ll cost more. Plus, serving your guests breakfast is cheaper than serving them dinner


how to plan a wedding on a small budget

7. Choose local in-season flowers. Not only will these blooms be cheaper, they’ll also be fresher.

8. Make your own flower arrangements. Getting your flowers wholesale from the market and putting them together with your bridal party could be a fun pre-wedding bonding activity.

9. Use fake flowers. There are plenty of realistic looking fake flowers out there. You could also try making your own with fabric or paper!

10. Give your bridesmaids something other than flowers to hold. Try parasols, embroidery hoops, fruit baskets, balloons… wherever your imagination takes you!

Invitations & the guest list

11. Go paperless. By using e-vites, not only will you be saving on printing and postage, you’ll also make it easier for your guests to RSVP. There are plenty of online invitation sites with gorgeous wedding-appropriate designs, so you’ll have a lot to choose from.

12. Design your own invitations. If you know Photoshop, or if you have a friend who does, designing and printing your own invitations is a great way to save and make your invitations as personal as possible.

13. Only invite people who are currently in your life. If you’re trying to cut down on your guest list, simply decide on inviting people who know both you and your fiancé and who play an active role in your lives.

14. Cut your guest list by categories. Group your guests into categories, like immediate family, extended relatives, close friends, acquaintances, family friends, kids, co-workers, plus ones, and so forth. You could decide to not invite kids and your co-workers, which can make it easier for you to go through whoever’s left on your list individually.

The dress

how to plan a wedding on a small budget

15. Don’t limit yourself to a bridal shop. Why not check out white formal dresses in the department store? You could even look for a pre-owned gown online or in thrift stores. And after the wedding, try resellling your dress.

16. Choose shoes you can wear again. If you’re not a white pumps kind of girl, you could opt for nude or something that goes with your wedding motif.

The reception

how to plan a wedding on a small budget

17. Skip wedding cake. All your guests want is something sweet after dinner, so they won’t mind if you don’t serve them cake.

18. Think about favours that your guests can actually use. Is that decorative bell with your initials something your guests will be genuinely happy to bring home?

19. Ask a friend to DJ. If you have a friend who understands what kind of music you and your partner enjoys, why not ask them to DJ? All you need is a Spotify premium account and you’re good to go.


how to plan a wedding on a small budget

20. Try a new photographer/videographer. Hiring a photographer who isn’t too established can save you a serious amount of cash. Just make sure that they’re responsible and that you like their work.

21. Pay with a credit card that earns you miles. Don’t go crazy with the credit card and find yourself swamped in debt, but it’s a great idea to get a travel credit card before your wedding and earn those miles. You could use them on your honeymoon!

22. After the wedding, sell what you can. Who says you can’t get some of that money back?

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