How To Stop Losing Stuff Once And For All: 4 Life-Changing Tips

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If you find yourself always losing stuff and wasting time everyday looking for them, try following these useful tips to stop losing stuff once and for all.

Do you spend ages looking for your keys, phone, wallet and other essentials every day? I have to admit I do.

Especially my keys. It can be really irritating, especially when you’re rushing.

It is a huge waste of time to have to look for your stuff every day. Sometimes, it may even cause you to be late to school or work.

Worse still, if you feel like you’ve lost something important, like the TV remote for example, and you head out to get a new one, then you end up finding your old remote, you would have wasted a lot of money buying the new one!

Not a very productive way to live life, is it?

How to stop losing stuff? Thankfully, you can try these tips to stop losing stuff:

1. Create a space for your everyday essentials

how to stop losing stuff

You know you will need your house or car keys, wallet and watch every day. So why not create a space just next to the door where you can unload it every evening when you get home, and just pick up right before you leave the house.

It helps to keep them in an organised manner, rather than just throwing them onto the side table. So, get a pretty marble tray or a cubby to place them in!

2. Don’t leave mail lying around everywhere

how to stop losing stuff

You would be surprised how much difference this could make. When you clear your mail every day, there won’t be a build up of junk mail lying around the house, which could get mixed up with your important mail.

Throw away the unimportant mail first and clear your bills next, so you never miss a deadline!

3. Have a tray or drawer in the living room

how to stop losing stuff

Tired of losing the remote between the folds of your sofa? Get a tray to place them all in, either next to your couch or on the coffee table. There are also sleeves that you can use that is attached to the couch itself!

4. Stick to a routine as much as possible

how to stop losing stuff

Things get messy when you don’t have a routine. Humans take about 21 days to form a habit.

So once you have established a routine for 21 days, it is actually a lot easier for you to remember where your things are as they will likely just be muscle memory by then! You will find yourself reaching for your keys on the way out without even realising it.


Do you often lose your stuff? Let us know if these tips have helped you in the comments.

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