After Spending Almost S$1M On Plastic Surgery, This Man Is Now Known As The "Human Ken Doll"

After struggling with self-image issues for years, he went under the knife and hasn't looked back since.

To say that 34-year-old Rodrigo Alves loves plastic surgery would be quite an understatement. The London-based Brazilian has undergone so many plastic surgery procedures that he is now better known as the "Human Ken Doll".

Here's how much the Human Ken Doll has spent on cosmetic surgery

human ken doll

Source: rodrigoalvesuk/Instagram

The Sun Online reports that Alves had his first surgery in 2004, and has had 60 plastic surgeries and over 103 cosmetic procedures since then.

Alves revealed that he plans on having a sex change, but not anytime soon. He says he'll wait until his 50s to get the sex change, but he has already removed four ribs to achieve a thinner waist.

Here are just some of his procedures, and how much they cost:

  • Botox and fillers: £8,000 (≈S$14,700)
  • Nose jobs: £30,000 (≈S$55,300)
  • Jaw liposuction: £3,000 (≈S$5,500)
  • Pec implants: £10,000 (≈S$18,400)
  • Six-pack implants: £22,000 (≈S$40,500)
  • Arm filers: £7,000 (≈S$12,900)
  • Hair transplant: £5,000 (≈S$9,200)
  • Removal of four floating ribs: £28,000 (≈S$51,600)

All in all, Alves has spent more than £508,000 (≈S$936,000) on these procedures.

But it looks like he won't be going under the knife anytime soon.

"Plastic surgery-wise, I would say that I’m done," he told The Sun Online. “I’m officially made but if anything falls apart – like if my face goes wonky – then I’ll have to get more work done.”

Rodrigo Alves wealth: How does he afford it?

rodrigo alves net worth

Source: rodrigoalvesuk/Instagram

His multiple surgeries have earned him quite a following. He's appeared on several television shows across the world and is now even filming his own reality TV show in the UK.

These appearances have probably earned him quite some cash, but it's reported that Alves paid for most of his surgeries from his family inheritance.

He also owns several holiday homes in Costa Del Sol, which he rents out. He also receives a monthly stipend from his wealthy grandparents.

Call him "Roddy Doll" instead

human ken doll

Source: rodrigoalvesuk/Instagram

Now, Alves wants to move away from his "Human Ken Doll" label, and urged his fans to call him "Roddy Doll" instead.

"I never aimed to look like Ken," he told Sun Online. "But because of my fashion sense and my lifestyle I was given the nickname five years ago - and I have been having fun with it."

Though he admits that he is seen as "a freak" in the UK, Alves says that in the US, he is celebrated.

"Before I was this ugly guy who was bullied to death because I was not blessed with natural beauty," he told the Daily Star. "Now I'm this icon in America that people idolise.”


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