Husband Loses Over RM100,000 (S$33,700) After Malaysian Wife Steals From Him And Racks Up Debt

He also discovered that she had credit cards under the names of several other people.

You really don't know a person until you marry them and they decide to take all your money, leave you in mountains of debt and then, run away. This husband left in debt now warns others to be cautious.

This is the sad story that Tang, a 31-year-old mechanical engineer from Kulim, Malaysia, had to go through.

He thought that he had married the perfect woman when he met Chen, a 26-year-old woman from Penampang, Sabah. The pair married in 2016.

husband left in debt

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According to World of Buzz, Chen was a kind and lovely woman and Tang felt that he had married the love of his life.

That was until she ran away. Not only did she run away, she left behind a sh*t storm for him to deal with.

Husband left in debt after wife takes loans and runs up credit card bills

husband left in debt

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Chen left Tang with huge debts and even stole from him, local news media, The Star reported. According to the article, Tang said he wasn't even aware how much debt he was in until banks started calling him.

Tang, who works in Lahat, said banks began calling him to pay outstanding credit card bills which amounted to RM40,000 last October. He also said that Chen had stolen RM60,000 worth of valuables and cash before running away in December.

Chen had also helped her take out a personal loan of RM20,000 during their marriage, as she told him that her family needed the money for business matters.

Husband left in debt discovers other people his wife scammed


Later on, to add salt to the wound, Chen discovered that he was not the only victim.

It turns out Chen had also cheated several other people before they got together in 2014. He found several credit cards under other people’s names in a luggage Chen had left behind in their home. He managed to track down three of them.

Tang said that he never suspected a thing. “I never suspected anything wrong with her. She seemed like a good person as she often donated to charity. I trusted her and gave her two supplementary credit cards. I even let her handle the payment for the credit card bills,” he said at a press conference held by Perak MCA Public Service and Complaints Bureau committee member Leong Chee Wai in Ipoh.

husband left in debt

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The last time he saw Chen was in December. Since then, she had become uncontactable. He also met with Chen’s family, who told him that they had not needed the personal loan.

“In October, she told me she would be working with her mother’s granite company in Kuala Lumpur. Since then, she only came home twice. The last time I saw her was in December, and she gave me a bounced cheque,” he added.

Husband in debt wants it known he has nothing to do with scammer wife

“This is to let the public know that I have nothing to do with her if she continues to get loans.

“I also want her to return and settle the debt with the banks and return my money,” Tang added.

The local committee member, Leong, has urged those with information about Chen’s whereabouts, to call 05-253 8455 or 05-253 6981.


Help out this husband left in debt by coming forward with any information on Chen if you know of her whereabouts.

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