IKEA Online Is Here - Here's How You Can Order Furniture Online

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Time to order that new sofa you've always wanted!

Sometimes we want to head out to the nearest IKEA to get napkins or candles or something small, but it isn’t worth the trip. We’ve got to get dressed, drive out, find parking and often, we don’t have the time to walk through the massive store just to grab one or two items.

But today, Malaysians everywhere rejoice because we can order (almost) anything from IKEA online! The Swedish company has extended their convenient services through their online platform, so no one needs to miss out! We can’t order delicious Swedish meatballs, but we can bear missing out on that for now.

Order IKEA online with your desktop

order ikea online

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Currently, the online ordering feature is only available through the desktop website. The mobile app is still underway.

Browsing IKEA’s website is like any standard e-commerce market platform. It has a huge range of categories, with product information, prices and availability listed. You just scroll through the online catalogue, add your items into the cart and click on the shopping cart when you’re ready to check out. The amount shown is excluding the delivery fees.

The delivery options are either parcel delivery for smaller objects and truck delivery for the larger items. Prices for parcel delivery and truck delivery varies for West and East Malaysia.

West Malaysia:

Parcel delivery is a flat RM40.00

Truck delivery costs RM98 (yellow), RM140 (blue), and RM235 (pink) depending on your zone.

order ikea online

Source: IKEA

West Malaysia zones are indicated in the picture above.

East Malaysia

Parcel delivery is RM100

Trucky delivery: RM675

IKEA deliveries are available in Kuching, Miri and Kota Kinabalu currently. You can save some money on delivery charges by selecting the Click & Collect option for RM575.

Delivery conditions

If you’re buying a lot of items from IKEA, you only pay for the largest sized item in your cart. So if you have a few small items and one large table in a yellow area in West Malaysia, you’re only paying RM98.00 for your order to arrive via a truck.

After 5pm on weekdays and all weekend, delivery to gated residences and condos aren’t available.

Bulk order can be made via email. And if you’re feeling lazy, you can request IKEA to assemble your product at 10% of the item’s price – just select the option at the checkout.

Pay using debit or credit card

order ikea online

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After you’re happy with what’s in your cart, you can check out. A confirmation email will assure you the order is placed.

IKEA’s return policy is straightforward – you can return a product as long as it’s not damaged or marked and cannot be resold. An unassembled item still in its original packaging can be returned within 100 days, as long as you have the receipt, for an exchange or a full refund.

Well-designed and affordable home furnishings have never been more accessible!


Can’t wait to order your new Swedish furniture on IKEA online? Share the good news with your other IKEA-loving friends!

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