Sex Work Is On New Zealand's Skilled Employment List For Immigration

Thinking of immigrating to New Zealand? You'll have the best chances of doing so as skilled labour. And it's recently come to our attention that sex workers and escorts are listed on the country's skilled employment list.

Yes, sex work is on the Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations list as level 5 skilled employment — though it's not on the skill-shortage list.

But not just anyone can apply for immigration as a sex worker. You have to be paid at or above NZ$36.44 an hour to qualify, with at least three years of relevant work experience.

However, the New Zealand Association of Migration and Investment (NZAMI) says that it would be difficult for would-be applicants to claim points for immigration.

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Though sex work is legal in New Zealand, you can't be a sex worker in the country on a temporary visa, NZAMI spokesman Peter Moses told The New Zealand Herald.

“There would be many other issues that would make it unlikely to succeed,” he said.

This is probably why not many people are immigrating to New Zealand as a sex worker. NZAMI members have not come across anyone claiming points as a sex worker.

Illegal sex work in New Zealand

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Though not many have immigrated to New Zealand as a sex worker, Immigration New Zealand (INZ) has been getting several complaints about illegal migrant sex work.

People on temporary or student visas are specifically prohibited from engaging in sex work in New Zealand.

From December 2014 to March 2018, INZ has received 57 complaints about migrant sex work, Newshub reports. What are some clues that indicate if a person is an illegal sex worker?

"The first thing they do is list their nationality, and say things like 'just arrived' or 'last few days'," sex worker Amber O'Hara told Newshub.

"Another thing is they'll say 'text only', and that's because they can't speak English."

Local sex workers claim that illegal migrant sex work is making local workers earn less. O'Hara says that INZ has a "soft touch" when addressing illegal sex work.

Her proposed solution? Register legal sex workers so that escort sites will only advertise people who are legally working.


Are you immigrating to New Zealand soon? What do you think of this news?

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