Expert Tips On How To Nail That Dream Job Interview

Expert Tips On How To Nail That Dream Job InterviewExpert Tips On How To Nail That Dream Job Interview

Here are some essential do's and don'ts when it comes to job interviews.

Whether formal or informal, you’re not going to get hired by a prospective employer without some form of an interview.  Interviews don’t necessarily need to be a stressful experience, but you do need to put in some effort and prepare beforehand. So to help you, this article will reveal expert job interview tips. 

Most candidates don’t realise that employers actually want to hire you as much as you want the job, you just have to give them the reason to pick you as the best man or woman for the job.  

ACI HR Andrew Chan’s expert job interview tips

job interview tips

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Being in the industry for 20 years, two of the biggest let downs I have come across by most candidates are them not understanding the job scope and them not being able to clearly articulate their experiences backed with real-life examples matched to what an employer is seeking.

At the same time, besides skills and experience, most hiring managers are also looking at how you will potentially fit into the organisation or a business unit, and that’s where your personality needs to shine through.

Culture fit is probably something employers and candidates don’t pay enough attention to during the recruitment process.

After all, you can’t fit a square peg in a round hole and some candidates and employers are just not meant to be. 

Here are some expert job interview tips:

job interview tips

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  • Be on time – aim to arrive 10 minutes before the interview but at the same time, be mindful not to arrive too early. Candidates who are over-eager don’t realise that it can actually be annoying for hiring managers when you arrive too early and you never know who you may bump into in the waiting area if your candidacy is confidential. 
  • Turn off your mobile – not on silent or vibrate, completely off as a phone vibrating in your pocket can be a distraction and cause you to lose concentration if you’re in the middle of answering a question.
  • Pay attention to personal hygiene – bring some mints, and take one just as you enter the building.  This goes with being prepared and arriving on time as I’ve seen candidates who run late (particularly in Singapore’s humid weather) drenched completely in sweat and there’s nothing worse than shaking a sweaty hand – not the first impression you want to be making. 
  • Firm handshake & sit upright – first impressions are critical and on the handshake, make sure you look the person in the eye when you shake hands.
  • Speak clearly & confidently – don’t rush your answers.
  • Take a pen and notepad into the interview – but ask the interviewing first if it’s okay to take notes. This demonstrates subtly to the interviewer your organisational skills along with your enthusiasm for the job.
job interview tips

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  • Tell lies – a good interviewer who is more experienced than you can easily tell if you’re lying. Boasting is another big no-no. I’ve come across candidates who have boasted about certain accomplishments or about knowing certain people without realising that I know the other person. 
  • Act as though you just want any job – show them this is the job you really want! This is another common big no-no with candidates. There may be other opportunities or jobs within the company, and at times whilst there may be a better fit for another position, let the interviewer bring that up. By deviating your interest from the job you’re being interviewed for, you are only demonstrating that you’re not serious about the position you’ve applied. 
  • Look at the time – even a quick glance at the clock or your watch can be easily noticed.
  • Start talking about personal issues or criticise current or past employers – another big no-no. I remember a candidate who was criticising their current employer to me who happens to be a good friend of mine, needless to say, they didn’t get hired.


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