Further Your Career By Moving Abroad - A Beginner's Guide On Applying For Jobs In Hong Kong

Further Your Career By Moving Abroad - A Beginner's Guide On Applying For Jobs In Hong KongFurther Your Career By Moving Abroad - A Beginner's Guide On Applying For Jobs In Hong Kong

Fish balls aren't the only attraction here!

A survey in 2015 ranked Hong Kong as the most desirable location to move to when looking for work opportunities abroad. In fact, 30% of expats reported earning more than $200,000 per annum! And the lifestyle is amazing, as shown by being ranked the world’s freest economy for 21 years in a row! So if you’re looking for jobs in Hong Kong for expats, here’s how!


How hard is it to apply for jobs in Hong Kong for expats?

jobs in hong kong for expats

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We understand the appeal – Hong Kong is vibrant, busy and always happening. The work is fulfilling and the entertainment top notch. But you might be wondering how to apply for jobs there and what the general requirements are. There are two ways you can get a job in Hong Kong. Your current company can either send you to an existing branch or you can submit a fresh application to a new company. However, landing the elusive work visa is trickier nowadays due to tighter restrictions. Here are some of the factors you need to consider.


Language requirements

Hong Kong is an international metropolitan hub, so English is generally spoken. However, most advise that you need to know some basic Cantonese to survive when getting basic necessities. If you get a job in the finance sector, you should be fine since business is mainly conducted in English. It’s worth noting that many bilingual locals are filling up jobs that are less skilled, so you may struggle to find your desired role if it has lower entry requirements.


Do I need a visa?

jobs in hong kong for expats

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Absolutely! You need a work visa to be able to stay legally during your time there. And the Immigration Service is tightening up their gates, so it’s not as easy as before. 

If you’re transferring to a branch in Hong Kong, your company just needs to prove you’ve been working for them for at least 1 year. After that, you’ll get granted an Intra-Company Transfer Arrangement.

If you’re applying from scratch, the Hong Kong Immigration Service have rough guidelines that overseas workers need to be aware of.

  • Applicants have a graduate degree (exceptions allowed if said applicant have a lot of technical experience in a certain field)
  • The applicant needs to have relevant experience in the position they apply form
  • The salary should meet local professional standards (the minimum is usually considered at HK$20,000)
  • The company needs to prove that the vacancy cannot be met by a local citizen and/or the applicant has a skill that is not found in the city.
  • The applicant will contribute to the local economy (such as taxes)

If your application with a company is successful, they’ll normally help you to apply for the visa. But to reactivate it, you’ll need to leave Hong Kong and re-enter (assuming you were in HK for the job search).


How do I apply for jobs?

jobs in hong kong for expats

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If you’re looking to work abroad, Hong Kong is usually a good place for professionals with specialist skills to thrive. However, it’s worth noting that even if you want to go for entry-level jobs, you know what you’re signing up for. Hong Kong is a financial hub – and a busy one at that! Jobs in Hong Kong for expats can be applied for via company websites as normal. However, some people prefer to be in Hong Kong on a visitor’s visa for the job search.


How much will accommodation cost?

jobs in hong kong for expats

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Unfortunately, Hong Kong is notorious for having very limited space. Vertical living is the trend unless you’re in the super-rich category. A one-bedroom apartment in the city centre will cost roughly HK$16,551 monthly. If you venture further out and get a one-bedroom apartment on the outskirts, that can save you some money as the average monthly rental is HK$11,006.

With so many jobs in Hong Kong for expats and such a variety, maybe this could be your dream move for a fresh start? Share with your friends if anyone is looking for new opportunities!

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