This Shop Sells Burn Offerings Of Durians And Pets You Can Gift To Your Ancestors

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Make sure your ancestors get the best durians in the afterlife.

People normally offer things their ancestors can spend in the afterlife, like paper money, flowers and cars. But if you really want to pamper them with a swish lifestyle, then head over to Ban Kah Hiang Trading, a kim zua (meaning joss paper) store! It’s found between Bukit Merah and Tiong Bahru and sells joss paper offerings that can’t be found anywhere else!

One-of-a-kind offering

As interviewed by irememberSG, Alex is the third generation of Ban Kah Hiang Trading, the joss paper store family business. Since taking over in 2016, Alex found a passion for educating newer generations about the respect for late ancestors. He keeps up with the market through bringing in trendy items.

Since Ghost Month is a lunar month behind Moon Cake Festival (aka Autumn Festival), everyone will be stocking up and getting ready to set up their offerings. Since it ends September, 9th, you’ve still got time to offer something different from the usual! Check out some of the hottest joss paper items people are buying from Ban Kah Hiang Trading.


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Source: Ban Kah Hiang Trading FaceBook page

Southeast Asians go gaga over the king of fruits. It’s got a distinctive smell (putting it nicely!) and an acquired taste. But why should your ancestors miss out? Here you can offer the best durian variety (Musang King). Only available at this store, patrons can pick up a set of paper durian for S$6 each.

Pets (Cats, Dogs, Birds)

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Source: Ban Kah Hiang Trading FaceBook page

It can get lonely in the afterworld. And what better to keep someone company than a pet! According to Lianhe Zaobao A wide variety of paper pets can be offered, ranging from a purring feline or man’s best friend at S$10. It costs S$18 for a pair of flying budgies and a cage.

Recreational items (guitars, billiards, golf set, fishing set)

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Source: Ban Kah Hiang Trading FaceBook page

Passing the time is important. Get your ancestors their favourite past-time items like a classical guitar, or maybe a golf set or even the fishing set.

Pets’ prayer package

joss paper store

Source: Ban Kah Hiang Trading FaceBook page

Alex has covered all bases, as he knows our pets hold special places in our hearts and deserve a proper send off into the world hereafter. The joss paper store brings in these packages from Taiwan. According to Channel8News, Buddhist sutras are written over paper folded lotuses to help pets transition smoothly into their next stage of life. We’re not sure how much each bundle costs, but it’s definitely cheaper than cardboard caskets some joss paper stores sell for S$200!

There’s definitely something for everyone here, which means this might be the best place for joss paper inspiration.


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