Kim Kardashian Charges US$500,000 For A Single Instagram Post

Kim Kardashian Charges US$500,000 For A Single Instagram PostKim Kardashian Charges US$500,000 For A Single Instagram Post

US$500,000 is more than what the President of the United States earns ANNUALLY.

There’s no denying that Kim Kardashian is a social media superstar. The socialite, influencer, and reality star was the highest-paid reality television personality back in 2015.

One proof of this is the fact that a company paid Kim US$500,000 for a single Instagram post!

Why was Kim Kardashian paid that much for an IG post?

Kim Kardashian


Back in 2015, medical company Duchesnay USA paid Kim Kardshian West US$500,000 (S$681,800) to promote a morning sickness pill.

Just try to take all that in for a second.

Imagine posting a photo of yourself on Instagram while promoting a product. Afterwards you’re getting paid for more than what the US president makes in a year. (For the record, the US president makes about US$400,000 a year)

It was only for a single post, but the company’s investment was well-worth-it, as sales for the pill jumped by 21%. That’s how powerful social media can be, especially if you can leverage a social media star’s fame.

She has 114 million followers on Instagram, and over 60 million followers on Twitter. That’s more than the population of Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines.

Social media stars earn a lot of money through their fame

Kim Kardashian


For brands these days, harnessing the power of social media is vital when it comes to promoting their products. While companies still take advantage of advertisements on television or billboards, social media provides a means of connecting directly with their audience at a lower cost.

However, it’s not as simple as posting things on Instagram or Facebook and then hoping for the best. Most companies will pay a social media star to promote their products.

Kim Kardashian for example, is worth US$350 million according to Forbes. Most of her income comes from her social media apps as well as partnerships with well-known brands such as Calvin Klein, Olay, and SugarBearHair Vitamins.

Kylie Jenner, Kim’s sister, is currently set to be the world’s youngest self-made billionaire. Her company, Kylie Cosmetics is valued at US$900 million, and she uses her social media fame to promote her products.

Today, Kim has become an even bigger social media star. Her previous paycheck of US$500,000 per post might now be higher.

Despite some critics saying that her fame is fleeting, she has established herself and built her network around her fame and influence.


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