This Female Author Refuses To Answer When Asked About Work-Life Balance

This Female Author Refuses To Answer When Asked About Work-Life BalanceThis Female Author Refuses To Answer When Asked About Work-Life Balance

Amen to that, sister!

Author Lauren Groff has a lot of stories to tell. Having published 3 novels and 2 collections of short stories, she’s definitely a woman who’s not afraid to speak her mind.

However, during an interview for her new book entitled “Florida,” there was one question that she politely refused to answer.

The question was specifically about how she manages both her work and her family, and her response is just amazing!

Lauren Groff: “I’m going to respectfully decline to answer it”

Lauren Groff


During an interview with Harvard Gazette for her new book, Lauren Groff was asked this question:

“You are a mother of two. In 10 years you have produced three novels and two short-story collections. Can you talk about your process and how you manage work and family?”

And this was what Lauren responded with:

“I understand that this is a question of vital importance to many people, particularly to other mothers who are artists trying to get their work done, and know that I feel for everyone in the struggle. But until I see a male writer asked this question, I’m going to respectfully decline to answer it.”

Her empowering response drew her praise from fellow writers and women online.

And if you really think about it, her answer does make a lot of sense. Women, especially those with kids, often get asked “how do you do it?” as if women have to choose between motherhood and work.

This isn’t the first time she talked about it

Lauren Groff


In previous interview, Lauren was asked a similar question, but her answer was a bit different, but still very meaningful.

“I think that, in our society, the idea of motherhood is pathologically ill, and even well-meaning people assume martyrdom in a mother.

“I think people are mostly kind and don’t know that, when they ask these questions of women, they are asking us to perform a kind of ceremonial subjection — that we’re not allowed our achievements without first denigrating ourselves or saying, with a sigh, ‘Yes, that’s correct, I’m a writer and a mother, and it’s so hard, and, no, I don’t do it well.’

“The truth is, doing these things is hard because being a good parent is always hard, but the difficulty of parenting is separate from the difficulty of work.”

It’s pretty unfair how men aren’t always asked questions of work-life balance, as if it’s expected that they can handle themselves well. Meanwhile, people are amazed that successful women can manage to find the time to balance their family and their work life.

The efforts of successful women are definitely something to be proud of. However, it shouldn’t reach the point where they’re being patronized.

It’s good to recognize them for who they are; strong and capable women who have found success in their lives.


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