Super Talented Celeb Lauren Reid Believed Fame Wasn't Enough - So She Opened Her Own Business

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Lauren Reid has a stroke of genius with her business venture.

Sitting on a beach, sipping out of a coconut and soaking in the sun is a lot of people’s dream relaxing holiday. Yet some people have made this a reality. 

Many know the beautiful Lauren Reid as a woman of many talents. The Filipino-Australian is a model, television host and even an actress! She is endorsed by many household brands like Nike and L’Oreal.

lauren reid opens a spa

Source: Instagram/laurenreidabook

And as someone with the world at their feet, you’d think that Lauren would just be lapping it up and enjoying life to the max. But she’s got something more on her mind than just having fun. On top of her already impressive repertoire, she wants to add “entrepreneur” to that list, by opening her own spa! 

lauren reid opens a spa

Source: Instagram/laurenreidabook

When the entrepreneurial spirit calls, you answer!

lauren reid opens a spa

Source: Instagram/laurenreidabook

The 25-year-old teamed up with her best friends-cum-business partners to open Sirena Spa Siargao. 

But why did she take such a big risk of opening her own business with all her modeling and other side gigs going on?

The first step happened when her two friends visited Siargao for the first time. 

lauren reid opens a spa

Source: Instagram/laurenreidabook

“My business partners visited Siargao for Christmas, and they fell in love with it so much that they decided to drop everything in Manila and move there”, she explained when interviewed by Cosmo

While that sounds fun, the next thing they did was convince Lauren to run with this crazy plan!

“They filled my head with all their amazing stories, [and eventually, we started talking about potential business ventures. We saw a gap in the market and decided to pursue the business!”

The spa can be found on Tourism Road, General Luna. It’s the only place to get your nails done, have waxing treatment and have a massage on the whole island!

lauren reid opens a spa

Source: Instagram/sirenaspasiargao

But it hasn’t been all fun and games. Lauren shares that the hardest part of the business was getting it up and running. So much so that the three of them had to triple their initial capital!

Now that it’s functional, she says she is proud of “having this achievement to call ours”.


If Lauren Reid opens a spa and it can do well, it just goes to show that anyone can achieve their dreams with ambition and passion! 

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