Malaysian Beauty Entrepreneur Vida Launches New Cryptocurrency Lavida Coin

Malaysian Beauty Entrepreneur Vida Launches New Cryptocurrency Lavida CoinMalaysian Beauty Entrepreneur Vida Launches New Cryptocurrency Lavida Coin

Her tagline for the cryptocurrency is "Step Mother of Coin".

Though the cryptocurrency hype has died down a little, it doesn’t stop businesses from trying to come up with their own virtual currency. The latest cryptocurrency to hit the market is Lavida Coin. 

The cryptocurrency is launched by Datuk Seri Dr Hasmida Othman, or better known by her celebrity moniker, Datuk Seri Vida. 

Utusan Malaysia reported that the entrepreneur is lauching her Lavida Coin in August. She decided to embark on this idea after she made a healthy profit from her investments in cryptocurrencies a couple of years back.

Datuk Seri Vida: “Lavida Coin is affordable”

lavida coin

Source: Lavida Coin

Lavida Coin is created by Datuk Seri Vida and a professional team. 

“I believe the Lavida Coin is affordable and capable of generating a handsome amount of money for investors,” she said, adding that the value of the Lavida Coin to expected to increase by the end of the year.

You can acquire your Lavida Coin by visiting her website and buying into the pre-sale now. Like all cryptocurrencies, Datuk Seri Vida’s coin also comes with a white paper for any investor to read.

Media outlets have also said that investing in cryptocurrency is NOT “haram” or illegal for Muslims. 

Why Lavida Coin exists

lavida coin

Source: Lavida Coin

In the white paper, Datuk Seri Vida outlines that the purpose of the coin is to raise private funding. The virtual coin initiative is designed to raise development capital for three associated projects.

In her white paper, it states that:

“These projects are a new online entertainment channel with an entrepreneurial focus, a new payment gateway (LAVIDAPAY) built on proven blockchain technology and a non-profit making construction project to build a Muslim community hub, centred on a new Mosque.”

According to the white paper, this pre-mine stage will last for a period of 6 months, from August 2018, to February 2019. Once this is complete, the LAVIDACOIN blockchain will be opened to cryptocurrency miners.

lavida coin

Source: Lavida Coin

Here’s everything you need to know about the LAVIDACOIN:

Coin name: LAVIDA
Abbreviation: LVC
Total supply: 766,000,000
Pre-mine: 153,000,000
Value (pre-mine):
1st stage USD 0.66 per coin (allocation coin 53,000,000)
2nd stage USD 0.86 per coin (allocation coin 100,000,000)


Would you invest in Lavida Coin? Let us know what you think about this in the comments. 

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