The More You Spend On Your Wedding, The More Likely You Are To Divorce

The More You Spend On Your Wedding, The More Likely You Are To DivorceThe More You Spend On Your Wedding, The More Likely You Are To Divorce

The wedding is only one day... a marriage is forever.

It doesn’t take a genius to tell you that if you are going to base your marriage on money, it is not going to work out. Here’s the thing many couples tend to forget: a wedding is a day, while a marriage is forever. 

Some people take things too far, by spending lavishly on their weddings to show off to the world. But having a big, expensive wedding will not equate to having an equally wonderful marriage. 

In fact, it is the total opposite. 

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According to study conducted by economics professors Andrew Francis-Tan and Hugo M Mialon, couples who spend more on their weddings are more likely to divorce. 

The pair of academics surveyed 3,000 married people, and found there are common characteristics in those couples that increase the likelihood of divorce.

Characteristics in marriage suggests you are likely to divorce 

1. How much couples spend on the engagement ring

likely to divorce

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For those fools who believe that you have to spend at least two or three months salary on an engagement ring, you’ve been duped by engagement ring rules (which you shouldn’t follow!). The study found that the amount spent on the engagement ring is inversely associated with the marriage duration. 

Researchers found that the more money spent on the ring, the more likely it was to divorce – especially once the cost of the ring is more than $2,000.

“Specifically, in the sample of men, spending between $2,000 and $4,000 on an engagement ring is associated with 1.3 times greater hazard of divorce as compared to spending between $500 and $2,000,” says the study.

2. How much the ceremony cost

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You don’t need the fanfare of getting married at St. Regis, especially if both of you can’t afford it. Spend the money on better things like a new home or going on vacation. 

The study concurs with this with findings that say weddings that cost less than $1,000 have not only a decrease, but a significant one, in the likelihood of divorce. 

On the other hand, weddings that cost more than $20,000 increases the likelihood of divorce by 1.6 times.

3. How much looks matter

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, but if you happen to care too much about how your other half looks, you’re not setting your marriage up for success. In fact, you might be likely to divorce. 

The professors found that how important one another’s looks were in the decision to marry also directly impacted the risk of divorce.

“Reporting that one’s partner’s looks were important in the decision to marry is significantly associated with shorter marriage duration,” Mialon told The Independent.

Characteristics to improve chances of marriage success

likely to divorce

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But not all hope is lost! There are certain characteristics that can improve a marriage duration. For one, the researchers found that going on a honeymoon is “significantly associated with a lower hazard of divorce.”

So, instead of dumping all your money on the wedding, perhaps you should refocus on the honeymoon. Asian Money Guide’s advice? Spend reasonably on BOTH, and focus on building up your home and nest egg instead. 


Do you agree that the more couples spend on their weddings, the more they are likely to divorce? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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