Mother Sues Live-Streaming Firm After Receiving INSANE US$98,000 Bill

Inke, the live-streaming site, and Bigo are all the rage right now. You can rack up massive debt on these sites, like this mum learned.

Have you ever heard of Inke? It is China’s top live-streaming app. Live streaming apps have been the rage with the millennials nowadays.

Bigo is another popular app used by teens and its safety has been questioned many times. Teens film themselves live via their smartphones and are watched by strangers all over the net.

Their range of activities can include monologues, product reviews, daily journals or even provocative acts.

Inke live-streaming app: A cash cow

live-streaming app

Source: South China Morning Post

This time, the Inke live-streaming app is making headlines because a 16-year-old racked up an insane bill of US$98,000 in just three months.

She apparently did that by tipping male live-streaming hosts on Inke, Legal Evening News reported.

The mother claimed that her daughter registered an account without her knowledge and used online payment platforms in her name.

The mother then sued Beijing MeeLive Network Technology Co, the owner of Inke, asking for a refund. But the court ruled against the mother as she had failed to prove that she had not made the payments herself.

The mother, who is only known as Liu, was none the wiser when her daughter withdrew money using her mother’s bank card while studying in Canada. She then loaded the money on to her Inke account.

Paying strangers on a live-streaming app can be done anonymously

Money loaded into the account is used to buy "diamonds", the virtual currency used on Inke.

Buying "diamonds" does not require real-name authentication nor is there an age restriction for users on the site.

Liu’s 16-year-old daughter "Xiaoya" had bought "diamonds" and generously tipped male live-streaming hosts so that they would talk to her.

Upon hearing the court’s decision, Liu has filed an appeal. Her case is now being heard by Beijing No 3 Intermediate People’s Court.


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