People Are Mysteriously Losing Money In Their Bank Accounts To STRANGERS

The money vanished without their knowledge!

Banks are supposed to be safe places for you to keep your cash in. It is certainly safer than carrying huge wads of cash around in your pocket all the time!

That is why we don't think twice about keeping our cash in banks. But recently in Malaysia, there have been multiple cases where people have been mysteriously losing their money to total STRANGERS even though their money is supposedly safe in their bank accounts.

In an article by Harian Metro, people have come forward claiming that they have been losing chunks of their money from their bank accounts through online banking fraud.

According to the article, the victims claim that their money "mysteriously disappeared" as they did not perform any transactions. When the respective banks were informed of the issue, they were told that the money had been transferred to another individual's account.

Source: Facebook

One of the victims, Norshamili Osman, 41, posted a video on Facebook, breaking down halfway when explaining that RM1,000 (around S$330)  from her bank account was gone without her even touching it. She had received the money from the Negeri Sembilan state government as funding for her canteen business earlier in April. She had requested for the grant a year before it was given to her.

This is her video lamenting about losing money from her bank account:

The video has been viewed almost 3 million times.

She had received her money in the form of a cheque and subsequently banked it into her bank account. However, two days later, when she tried to withdraw the money, she was shocked to find only RM25 (around S$8) left in her bank account.

“I went to check with one of the bank staff about the missing money but was informed that the money had been transferred to another person’s account through online banking. The thing is, I have never opened an online banking account and the phone number registered for that account isn’t even mine,” she said.

Source: Harian Metro

Upon investigation, the bank discovered that the money had been transferred to an unknown woman’s bank account. Norshamili tried to contact the unknown woman through the number that the bank released but the number was no longer in use.

She lodged a police report but is still hoping that the money will be returned to her.

Losing money from bank account: Not an isolated case

Source: Harian Metro

Another victim who came forward is Holma Abdul Aziz, 46. She claims to have lost RM1,600 (~S$542) after RM2,000 (~S$622) was transferred to her bank account.

Holma said, “My friend had transferred RM2,000 to my account in March and on the same day, I took out RM400. However, the next time I went to check my bank account, I was shocked to find that I only had RM29 when I should have an extra RM1,600 inside.”

The bank also found that Holma’s money was transferred to an unknown man’s account using the online banking system.

As much as we rely on technology to help us live our daily lives, we must also be weary of online banking fraud. To avoid being hacked or taken advantage of, always be sure to:

  1. Change your passwords frequently and use a secure password.
  2. Update your details like mobile number, email address and mailing address with the bank.
  3. Only use secure networks to conduct banking services on your mobile or laptop.
  4. Do not give out your passwords under any circumstance to anyone via Whatsapp or any other online messaging services.

By doing so, you should be able to prevent yourself from losing money to online scammers.


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