Hong Kong Criminal Syndicates Are Now Targeting Luggage In Airport Buses

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Hong Kong police have noticed an alarming trend of criminal gangs stealing luggage from airport buses.

Luggage Stolen At Airport

In 2015 and 2016, over HK$13 million worth of passenger property and cash were stolen from overhead luggage compartments on inbound flights to Hong Kong. Now that people have been made aware of this modus, Hong Kong police now fear that gangs are now stealing luggage from airport buses.

“There have been many, many cases involving travellers who have come off flights landing in Hong Kong and then taken airport buses into the city,” a senior police source told South China Morning Post. “Perhaps they feel the threat to their property drops once they are on the ground, but this is now not the case.”

According to the source, the number and nature of the thefts suggest that a well-organised crime syndicate is behind these thefts.

In early December, a 25-year-old woman reported that her suitcase was stolen on a bus she took from the airport. Inside was property valued at HK$4,000.

10 days later, a 51-year-old woman reported that one suitcase was stolen on the bus as well. She lost property worth HK$5,600.

These robbers target passengers who store their luggage in the compartment on the lower level of a double-decker bus, then take a seat upstairs.

How to keep thieves away from stealing luggage

Hong Kong Criminal Syndicates Are Now Targeting Luggage In Airport Buses

It’s easy to lose track of things and let your guard down, especially when coming from a tiring flight. Here are some things you can do to keep your luggage secure.

1. Get travel insurance

If something goes wrong on your travels, you can get at least some peace of mind when you have travel insurance. Though you might not be able to recover your belongings, at least you’ll be able to get some compensation for whatever it is that you’ve lost.

2. Keep your valuables on you

Don’t stash your gadgets, jewellery, and cash away in your luggage. Securing your gadget with a lock is no guarantee that your valuables will still be there once you get to your final destination.

And don’t stow them away in the overhead bin either. Instead, keep them as close to you as possible.

3. Mark your luggage clearly

Sometimes, you lose your luggage not to an organised crime syndicate, but to a road-weary traveller like yourself. If your luggage looks too generic, it’s easy for someone to mistake it as theirs. Use accessories to make your luggage stand out so nobody makes that mistake.

4. Stay low-key

We all love looking fabulous when we’re travelling, but it might be wiser to stay low-key and not draw attention to ourselves. Put away your expensive gadgets and designer shoes to prevent unsavoury characters from making you a target.


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