My Maid Stole My Jewellery - You'll Never Believe Where She Hid It

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Live-in maids are common in Asia and unfortunately, stealing is a common issue faced by employers. This employer couldn't believe where her maid hid the stolen goods.

We’ll admit, we can’t always do everything on our own. We’re not Wonder Woman(en). That is why we spend on services that make our lives easier, which might include hiring a maid.

But when you hire a live-in maid and welcome her into your home, you are basically entrusting her with everything.

Maid stealing in Singapore!

Maids deal with our dirty laundry (literally), know our schedules like no one else does, and also have access to all our belongings.

To prevent the maid from stealing things, we keep our valuables locked up, but sometimes, we still fall prey to theft.

How I caught my maid stealing from me....

maid stealing in singapore

“The day started just like any other day. But I couldn’t find my favourite gold chain,” recalls Mrs T (name protected) in an online interview with Asian Money Guide.

“I have a few gold chains that I wear for special occasions and I keep them in my jewellery box inside my closet,” she shares.

One evening, after a long night out at a cousin’s wedding, she came home exhausted, took off her gold chains, and left it on her bedside table.

The next morning, she took a shower, her maid served her a cup of coffee at her dresser, and she left for work.

The missing gold chain

maid stealing in singapore

When she got home, she saw her gold chains by her bedside and realised she had forgotten to put them away.

“I went over to my bedside table and picked them up but I counted only three gold chains instead of the four I normally wear,” she recounts.

Not wanting to jump to conclusions too quickly, she checked her jewellery box and the whole room to look for the missing fourth gold chain.

She then called her maid and asked if she had perhaps seen it while cleaning. Her maid said she hadn't.

Quiet suspicions

Of course, her suspicions towards her maid couldn’t be helped in that situation. She asked her maid again if she had seen it.

Her maid denied it once more.

“I told her very kindly that if she just confessed, I wouldn’t be angry and I would forgive her,” Mrs T says. But the maid was adamant that she hadn’t seen it.

“What I found shocked me…”

maid stealing in singapore

She took the opportunity to search her maid’s room while she was in the shower that night. What she found shocked her!

She found a small bag underneath her maid’s mattress and discovered items of hers that she didn't even realise had gone missing: cheap costume jewellery, cosmetics, a really old mobile phone, and a fountain pen.

But the gold chain was still nowhere to be found.

Curious, Mrs T picked up the fountain pen and heard something sliding around inside the pen. She opened the pen cap and saw tissue paper stuffed into it.

She yanked out the tissue paper, turned the pen around, and out came her beloved gold chain.

“I caught my maid stealing from me... With the evidence I had, I waited for her to get out of the shower and promptly dismissed her,” she shares.

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Sarah Voon