Malaysia 2018 Grab Promo Codes: Use Now, Thank Us Later

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Use these promo codes to save on your next Grab ride!

While we do our best to keep this page as updated and accurate as possible, offers featured may change at the discretion of merchants. Please verify these Malaysia 2018 Grab promo codes with Grab.

malaysia grab promo codes 2018

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Malaysia 2018 Grab Promo Codes Compiled

1. Use the promo code LETSGRAB to get RM8 off your first 2 Grab rides! (until 30 June 2018)

New Grab users can use this promo code to for their first two consecutive rides, whether they’re using cash or credit/debit.

2. First-time Citi Credit Card users get 50% off two rides with code CITI50! (until 25 April 2018)

Add your Citi card to your GrabPay and enjoy half off two rides, capped at RM5 per ride.

3. Use code GRABGAMA18 t0 get RM5 off two rides to/from GAMA Supermarket & Department Store

When travelling to/from Gama, use this promo code to get RM5 off your trip!

4. Use promo code GRAB2ZOUK to enjoy RM20 off for up to 10 GrabCar rides to/from Zouk KL! (until 31 May 2018)

New and existing users can enjoy RM20 off 10 GrabCar rides, limited to the first 2,000 redemptions per month. Valid 8 pm to 6 am the next day.

5. Use the promo code GRABPASS to enjoy RM7 off 20 Grab rides for rides to/from Airports in Malaysia! (until 30 June 2018)


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