Malaysian Sugar Baby Spills Sordid Details Of Her “Sugarbowl” Lifestyle

Malaysian Sugar Baby Spills Sordid Details Of Her “Sugarbowl” LifestyleMalaysian Sugar Baby Spills Sordid Details Of Her “Sugarbowl” Lifestyle

Too much sugar gives you diabetes. #justsaying

A Malaysian sugar baby has taken to Reddit in an AMA (ask me anything) thread. The 22 year-old “Agnostic Malay lady” bares all in the thread with over 230 comments from curious netizens.

The sugar baby lifestyle, or ‘sugarbowl’, is a ‘profession’ that is frowned upon by many, especially within the Asian societies.

But in recent times, many sugar baby apps have popped up. More sugar babies and sugar daddies are coming forward to tell their stories about the illicit lifestyle.

In this tell-all, the Malaysian sugar baby gives a break down of the lifestyle, its upsides and downsides too.

malaysian sugar baby

First, she starts off by giving us an index on what certain abbreviations mean in the Sugarbowl.

SD = Sugar Daddy

SB = Sugar Baby

PPM = pay per meet

Salt daddy = a pakcik (older man/uncle) that pretends he's rich but he's just trying to get into your pants

POT = potential sugar daddy

SA = Seeking Arrangement (a website where sugar babies and matched to sugar daddies)

Now that you’re all caught up with the Sugarbowl lingo, it’s time to get into the sordid details of this Malaysian sugar baby’s experience.

She stumbled upon the Sugarbowl as an innocent 20 year-old. Still a virgin at the time, all she wanted to do was pay off student debts. It has now turned into a lifestyle she is quite happy with.

Malaysian Sugar Baby: Confession Time

Question: How many Salt Daddies have you encountered as a Sugar Baby?

Malaysian Sugar Baby: In my 2 years of being in the ‘bowl’, I've met 3 salt daddies.They would keep talking about sex before we even met. They asked for nudes and even tried sexting with me. Every time we tried to meet they would cancel last minute, give some stupid excuse and then try to lure me to their house or whatever hotel they booked. One of them met up with me and then left me with the lunch bill.

Question: What do your friends think about this?

Malaysian Sugar Baby: My friends were doing this even before me. We kind of have this sugar baby sisterhood where if one of us are meeting a POT, 2-3 of would be around the area in case anything happens.

Question: How much do SBs charge?

Malaysian Sugar Baby: Actually, for both my SDs, they wanted to give me an allowance because they wanted it to be long term. My first SD offered me RM2k a month and I was fine with it and it didn't increase. My second SD offered RM2k as a start and it slowly increased to RM5k a month, not including gifts.

malaysian sugar baby

Question: Other than sex, what are you expected to do as a SB?

Malaysian Sugar Baby: I usually just provide companionship and the affection he doesn't get from his busy wife. If we're not having sex, we would just cuddle and I would listen to him talk about his week.Sometimes, I'd cook his favourite dish whenever he comes visit or he would cook for me. He just wants to do all that cute couple-y stuff that he never got to do with his wife.

Question: What are some of the things SDs should take note of during the first meeting/upon contact?

Malaysian Sugar Baby:

  1. If you expect intimacy or just want a platonic arrangement.
  2. Bring up the allowance topic.
  3. How frequently you want to meet.
  4. Discretion of the relationship.
  5. PPM or monthly allowance.Most SD's prefer PPM because they're unable to meet often, so a monthly allowance would be a waste.
  6. Gifting. Some SBs want to be gifted on top of allowances.
  7. How payment is done? Cash? Paypal? Online transfer? Most prefer cash, of course.

Question: Does size matter?

Malaysian Sugar Baby: So far, my SDs are pretty well endowed, so I'm happy with that. I am not sure about smaller sizes, though. But if they can please me, then I'm fine with it.

Question: How did you break the Islamic teachings about the sanctity of marriage and the forbidden of extramarital affair?

Malaysian Sugar Baby: My parents pretty much showed me how easily it is to break those teachings. A little background — I come from a religious family and was religious until I was 18. My parents always talked to me about the responsibilities of a pious Muslim wife. I always held on to their advises until one day I found out both of them cheated on each other for a long time.That pretty much shattered my view of religion. Now I don't really care about sugaring a married SD.

Source: Reddit


What do you think of these confessions of a Malaysian sugar baby? Let us know in the comments.

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