This Profession Earns $370,000 A Month, With No Sex, Drugs Or Illegal Activities Involved

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Would you pay $10,000 for one night for the best escort in the industry?

In Japan, geishas are entertainers hired to accompany you during dinner. It’s no-strings attached flirting and drinking, but no sex is involved. So the more likeable you are, the more likely your client is willing to spend on you. But one male geisha is head and shoulders above the rest which is shown by his ability to make $370,000 each month!

The King of Hosts

male geisha costs 10000 per night

Source: Instagram/roland_0fficial

Since nurturing his craft over the past 8 years, 26-year-old Roland is widely acknowledged as the best host that money can pay for. 

And he is really high class. He stays exclusively in hotels because they meet his standard. He also wears branded luxury goods. Everything has to be the best – even the drinks he indulges in with clients must cost at least $265,000. He once called $100,000 bottles “cheap sake”!

And all of this reflects why he is the most successful host of the densely populated Kabukicho area. In fact, Roland holds separate records for the highest sales in a day, a month, and a year. 

His flirting game is so on point that on his birthday, ladies were willing to pay US$8,800 for just three hours of his time!

So how did the ’emperor’ get so good?

male geisha costs 10000 per night

Source: Instagram/roland_0fficial

Roland has been in the industry for 8 years since dropping out of a prestigious university in Tokyo. 

According to his interview with Maison de Beaute, Roland said he couldn’t bear the thought of living a standard corporate life. 

“I get a job at a general corporation and my initial salary is around 200,000 and my retirement age at the age of 65…I wonder if there is a meaning to study here when thinking only that way.”

He was so convinced that this wasn’t his path that he quit after the first induction week!

“When I went to the entrance ceremony, I realised “My way is not here” and quit.”

He chose to become a host because he thought it was a “cool job” and he was equipped to succeed in a way others haven’t. 

Rough start

However, the start was quite rough for young Roland. He claims his earnings in the first year amounted to only a single digit!

The key to his rise to stardom and success as a host? Believing in himself as a product no one else could match.

When the clients didn’t pour in, he didn’t doubt himself and ask “what’s wrong with me?”. Instead, he said customers will eventually see his real value and they will flock to him.

His approach paid off since he was bumped up to the role of Representative Director.

The cost of beauty

male geisha costs 10000 per night

Source: Instagram/roland_0fficial

To stay at the top of his game, Roland spends a lot of time, effort and money. He’s made no secret about his Botox injections and nose reshaping. But beyond the cosmetic enhancements, he spends a lot of time in the gym to stay lean and fit.

male geisha costs 10000 per night

Source: Instagram/roland_0fficial

He is reported to have spent $89,000 on cosmetic surgeries in the recent years and spends $1,800 on maintenance. However, since all that work, he said his salary nearly doubled! Whatever he’s spent, it’s clearly paid dividends as he is King of Hosts. And now he also trains budding hosts by teaching them the tricks of the trade.


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