Elderly Man Is Forced To Sell Keropok On The Streets By His Own Children

We can't believe the nerve of his kids!!!

Our parents are the first people who teach us to grow up and prepare us for the world. They are our financial support, emotional crutch and source of education. And as we become adults, we hope to develop into people that our parents are proud of. People who can repay the kindness shown to us. When we see stories like this man forced to sell keropok found on Facebook, it makes us sad (and also a little angry)! 

Man forced to sell keropok on the streets by his own kids

man forced to sell keropok

Source: The Coverage

When we tell you about an old man who is selling keropok that won't raise any eyebrows. But Suhaida, the lady who caught the footage on FaceBook and interviewed the man, showed us that this old man is sickly. He looks ill and requires rest. He sells his keropok from his walker. A walker!

And if that didn't make it worse, she finds out that the old man was dropped off by his children!

“Those who hantar you here earlier, were they your kids?” Suhaida and her male companion ask The elderly man replies "ah", which implies yes.

The male friend says in disbelief, “Come on. Pak cik should be staying at home, not out working like this.” Suhaida follows up and asks the cost of the keropok. The old man replies they are RM5 each. And then Suhaida proceeds to buy all of the keropok, saying she can pass out the crunchy snacks to an orphanage. Faith in humanity restored!


Man forced to sell keropok on the streets: "The audacity of a kid to do this to their own parent"

Source: The Coverage

Expressing her outrage (and probably everyone else who watched the video), she had this to say.

“The audacity of a kid to do this to their own parent! Tomorrow’s Raya and you send your dad out to the streets to sell keropok. Your dad is not in good health. “When I asked whether he has eaten, he said “not yet, hungry”. He has a kid, grandchild, and an in-law. They are all healthy, yet they’re doing this to their own father. WHY??! “With his health condition, he should be at home resting, especially when it’s Raya tomorrow.”

Source: The Coverage


We may all have our differences, but family is family. Shame on the kids who made this elderly man sell keropok on the streets. Don't do things that you will regret, and make sure you treat your elders right!

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