Man Slams Kitten To Death After Pet Shop Refuses To Refund Him

A Chinese man killed a kitten outside a pet store in Nanjing, China recently. The man had bought the kitten on 16 March for 2,000 Chinese yuan (approx. S$417).

According to the Chinese media, KwongWah, the man, surnamed Zhang, bought the two-month-old kitten from a pet store in Nanjing and used it to profess his love to a receptionist working at his company.

Though the receptionist rejected Zhang, she initially accepted the kitten as a gift.

A few days later, the lady gave the kitten back to Zhang because she didn’t know how to care for it. The kitten had deteriorated because it had not been fed in days.

Man killed a kitten over a dispute

man killed a kitten

Source: Xuehua

Zhang took the kitten back to the pet store and asked the store's owner to temporarily care for the kitten. The owner agreed to Zhang's request upon seeing the condition of the kitten.

Over the next few days, Zhang went back to the shop to continue asking the store's owner to care for the kitten because he wasn’t able to do so.

He threatened that if the owner did not do that, then he would ask for a refund for the kitten.

However, the owner declined.

Zhang then allegedly said, “Give me the cat, I will settle it myself.”

Man killed a cat outside pet store

man killed a kitten

Source: Xuehua

He proceeded to walk out of the store with the kitten inside a pink bag. Upon exiting the store, he violently slammed the kitten in the bag on the floor multiple times.

Though the store owner rushed out to try and stop him, it was too late for anything to be done. The kitten was already at its last breath and twitching in pain.

While the staff of the store were calling the police, Zhang fled the scene.

The kitten was later buried by the staff of the pet store.

man killed a kitten

Source: Xuehua

It was reported that Zhang was sacked from the company for his heinous act, but it is unsure if he was apprehended by authorities for his actions.

China has no animal cruelty prevention laws, especially none that involve domestic pets such as cats and dogs. Only in recent years have the two major dog-eating festivals (Zhejiang and Yulin festival) been shut down and no longer receive official government support.

It seems China has a long way to go in educating its people on the conduct towards animals (and public spaces).

Source: KwongWah


This man killed a kitten outside a pet store, but the Chinese had been killing millions of dogs in the dog-meat eating festival for ages. How long more until authorities take action against such heinous crimes? 

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