This Man Overheard A Phone Conversation On The Bus And Was Not Expecting To Learn Life's Biggest Lesson!

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It pays to be aware of your surroundings to catch these nuggets of wisdom!

Sometimes you just need to hear a story that will change your mind about how you think about the world. And when this man overhears phone conversation, he found his moment of inspiration on the bus in the simplest things!


When one man overhears phone conversation, inspiration follows!

man overhears phone conversation

Source: Facebook

Facebook user Ron Navarro detailed the simple but amazing conversation he overheard while riding a bus. He said that his fellow passenger had travelled from Baclaran and was on the phone with his wife. He said that that he earned Php300 that day. And get this – with his money, he bought two jogging pants that were originally Php200, but discounted down to Php160 after he bargained. 

And what’s more, the husband was looking forward to coming home and eating dinner with his wife and son.

Meanwhile, Ron reflects that he complains about struggling to live on Php500 per day with his current lifestyle.

man overhears phone conversation

Source: Facebook

The cost of living in the Philippines can be expensive if living in the city. Some expats are happy living on $1,000 per month, which is Php50,000 or Php1,700 per day. And this man is happy with his Php300!

As of writing, the post has 462k likes and has 150k shares. 

Ron’s post has been met with huge applause (despite his nosiness)! Many people commented that in life, money is not everything.

man overhears phone conversation

Source: Facebook

Other people were just so touched by Ron’s post, they had to take the time to tell their loved ones how much they meant to them!

man overhears phone conversation

Source: Facebook

Thanks to this one man overhears phone conversation, it just goes to show that despite our circumstances, you can still be very happy! Let’s learn to be grateful everyday for what you have!

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