Marriage Scam Is The Latest Scam In Asia: Beware, Ladies!

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It could happen anywhere in Asia!

Whenever you think of a marriage scam, you might think that a man has tricked a woman into marrying him for money. Or something along those lines at least. But in the most recent case of a marriage scam in Asia, a woman from Hong Kong was reportedly tricked into marrying a total stranger in mainland China. 

Marriage scam: she applied for a job and got a husband instead

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All she had done was to apply for a job as a wedding planner.

The 21-year-old, who remains unnamed, had applied for a job as a makeup artist apprentice. She had seen the ad on Facebook and applied for the position.

But when she applied, the company reportedly had urged her to consider a wedding planning career instead. They had told her that she would earn more money in that field.

There was a catch.

She was told that she would have to participate in a mock wedding, acting as a fake bride.

Fake wedding turned out to be real

marriage scam

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She first participated in a week-long training course in Hong Kong. After which, she was told to participate in a mock wedding ceremony in Fujian province in order to pass the course.

To secure her job, she took part in the ceremony with a man of a similar age at a local government office in Fuzhou, and was asked to sign a marriage certificate.

The company had apparently assured her that the certificate would be void after the ceremony. But she later discovered that the marriage was legally binding. 

The woman said she only realised the marriage scam after she told the unusual story to a friend back in Hong Kong.

New form of marriage scam

The local police refused to help her, due to lack of evidence. But not losing hope, she reported the incident to the Hong Kong Federation of Trade Unions (FTU). The agency confirmed that she might have been a victim of a “new form of marriage scam.”

Despite numerous cases of marriage scams in the past, it hasn’t been confirmed that the motive for the scam is to allow mainland Chinese to reside in Hong Kong, as it is a right granted to those married to a Hong Kong citizen.

So, ladies, do beware of such marriage scams as it could happen anywhere in Asia with similar immigration laws. 


Do let us know if any other marriage scam tactics that you might be aware of. Let us know in the comments or drop us a message directly.

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