How Much Do Maternity Packages Cost In Singapore - Find One That Fits Your Budget

How Much Do Maternity Packages Cost In Singapore - Find One That Fits Your BudgetHow Much Do Maternity Packages Cost In Singapore - Find One That Fits Your Budget

Better start saving up now.

Congratulations on being pregnant! The first page of the next big chapter in your life has just been written and it’s time to write the next. One of the first few things you will learn as a parent-to-be (or a second time parent) is that you’re going to want the best for your little one. Even before they are born! Which is why our list helps you choose the best maternity package in Singapore based on your budget.

Choose the best maternity package in Singapore

best maternity packages in singapore

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Before we launch headlong into that, you might not be sure what a maternity package involves, especially if this is your first time! That’s okay – we’re here to help! Hospitals offer a range of packages that cover the cost of admission into the hospital, delivery by an obstetrician, and cost of a short stay in one of the wards.

The prices vary a lot depending on whether it’s a private or public institution, the type of delivery and which ward you want to stay in. There’s a lot to think about way before you’ve even told people about the good news!

So we’re here to help you with choosing a maternity package in Singapore – just take note of the differences between public and private hospitals!

Tell me straight, doc – what’s the difference? 

Hospitals across Singapore are of the highest standard for general healthcare. When it comes to picking a maternity package in Singapore, however, there are certain aspects to consider in addition to the price.

Public hospitals

Public hospitals are generally better equipped for complications, which can be a huge relief when you’re half dazed by the whole ordeal! Prices are also generally cheaper thanks to subsidisation by the government.

However, you might want to take note that service is generally slower, and there are fewer amenities in general. If you’re someone who needs their creature comforts, this might be a turning point for you. Bear in mind that you also have to handle any insurance claims yourself, as public hospital administration do not offer assistance for insurance!

Private hospitals

On the other hand, private hospitals are clearly the much more expensive alternative – without health insurance, you can expect to pay quite a sum! On a more practical note, expect less midwife support as obstetricians mainly handle the deliveries. Also, private hospitals are less equipped to handle complications due to their specialisations.

However, private hospitals are common choices when choosing the best maternity packages in Singapore due to their convenience and comfort. Expect shorter waiting times and a more streamlined admin and billing process. This means insurance claims can be handled. With more amenities, expect a luxurious and comfortable stay.

Great – so which are the best maternity packages in Singapore for me?

best maternity packages in singapore

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We know choosing the best maternity package in Singapore may not be cheap, so we’ve compiled a range of different packages according to the delivery types.

We’ve compared prices between packages for normal vaginal birth and caesarean deliveries with complications.  It’s worth bearing in mind that whilst it seems attractive to save money and pay for a normal birth, you can never know if complications might arise. These incidents may result in a caesarean and require further treatment. These unplanned events can hike up the bill a lot more than buying a package beforehand!

We’ve also only chosen to show the unsubsidised prices for Ward A (one bedroom) because we value our privacy in these intimate moments. But if you don’t mind bunking with other new mothers, ward B (4-bedroom), Ward B2 (6-bedroom) and Ward C (9-bedroom) options are also available (and a lot cheaper!). 

Note: all prices quoted are for maternity packages in Singapore only. Prices are taken from MOH and include GST, admission fee, stay in a Ward A suite (or similar), and doctor’s fee.

1. KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital (KKH)

maternity package in singapore

Source: KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital

KKH is a public hospital with an impeccable reputation for its ability to deliver children under any circumstances. This is due to the fact they’re delivered the most babies out of all the hospitals in Singapore! A multi-disciplinary team and state-of-the-art technology mean they are well equipped for most situations. Single rooms come equipped with en-suite bathrooms and a sofa bed, so expecting partners can share the moment of joy together.

Standard extras are available, such as the confinement menu and antenatal workshops.

Price range: S$4,336 – S$5,731 for normal delivery (no complications), S$17,912 – S$11,168 for caesarean section (with serious complications)

2. Mount Alvernia Hospital (MAH)

maternity package in singapore

Source: Mount Alvernia Hospital

The most popular choice for a private single bed experience! MAH is a private hospital that comes with many amenities to keep you comfortable, and the service is premium.  Keep updated on social media with free high-speed Wi-Fi, and rest assured with creature comforts with an in-room safe and mini fridge, wardrobe, dining table and study desk.

Other benefits include a confinement menu, baby care and breastfeeding workshops, and My Family Secure complimentary 6-month coverage.

Price range: S$6,822 – S$9,088 for normal delivery (no complications), S$10,677 – S$14,260 for ceasarean section (with serious complications)


3. Gleneagles Hospital (GEH)

How Much Do Maternity Packages Cost In Singapore - Find One That Fits Your Budget

Source: Gleneagles Singapore

The one-bedroom suites at GEH are opulent and so luxurious, you’ll feel like you’re staying in the Hilton rather than a hospital. The suites are so comfortable, it’ll be difficult to leave!

The range of perks is wide, including a tailored lactation consultation at the ParentCraft Centre, head and shoulder massages, a celebratory dinner-for-two and a confinement and a la carte menu.

Price range: S$8,558 – S$11,267 for normal delivery (no complications), S$13,498 – S$18,630 for ceasarean section (with serious complications)


4. National University Hospital (NUH)

maternity package in singapore

Source: National University Hospital

NUH is the first hospital in Singapore to be certified under the WHO Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative. The accommodation and support are warm and welcoming. Enjoy a range of childcare education programmes like how to breastfeed and general baby care tip, as well as parental emotional support during your stay.

Let loose and live a little with a celebratory lunch/dinner for two. Take care of yourself with confinement soup accompanied by your choice from the confinement menu. Emma Care Services’ personalised nursing care will keep you in top shape.

Price range: S$4,071 – S$5,368 for normal delivery (no complications), S$6,775 – S$8,766 for ceasarean section (with serious complications)


5. Mount Elizabeth Hospital (MEH)

maternity package in singapore

Source: Mount Elizabeth Hospital

Amongst the pricier options for a maternity package in Singapore, MEH (Orchard) gives mothers the privacy and comfort they deserve after a potentially stressful and painful period of time! Let loose with your favourite shows or films with an in-room TV. Keep updated with free Wi-Fi . And the partner doesn’t need to worry about parking, as the room comes with a complimentary space during the length of stay.

Other perks include a Post-natal (confinement) menu, baby bath demonstration and breastfeeding class, a 15-minute head and shoulder massage (1 session only) and newborn screening.

Price range: S$8,223 – S$10,438 for normal delivery (no complications), S$14,077 – S$20,448 for ceasarean section (with serious complications)


6. Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital (MNH)

maternity package in singapore

Source: Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital

MNH offers similar privileges to MEH, but it specialises in providing only single room wards. Individual temperature control keeps you comfortable, whilst the free WiFi and LED TV with in-room entertainment system will keep your mind occupied when not marvelling over the baby. Enjoy premium bath amenities for that long-awaited luxurious treatment.

Additional features include a lactation consultant, a postnatal (confinement) menu, a complimentary massage, basic baby screening and newborn hearing test.

Price range:S$7,987 – S$10,137 for normal delivery (no complications),S$13,366 – S$19,508 for ceasarean section (with serious complications).


7. Parkway East Hospital (PEH)

maternity package in singapore

Source: ParkwayEast Hospital

Of all the different choices, PEH provides the most comprehensive maternity package in Singapore. Visitors can hold the baby whilst they’re sat in the armchair, whilst your partner can catch some sleep in the comfortable lounge sofa. Free WiFi and flat-screen TV containing more than 20 cable channels help you wind down.

The one-room wards also contain a minibar fridge, an electronic safe deposit box and adjoining bathroom. Nourish yourself with the confinement menu, and enjoy a Parentcraft Class that walks you through optimal babycare as you continue to have many happy memories in the future.

Price range: S$6,104- S$7,713 for normal delivery (no complications), ceasarean section (with serious complications) not available.


8. Singapore General Hospital (SGH)

maternity package in singapore

Source: Singapore General Hospital

SGH offers a good basic maternity package in Singapore for people not looking for frills and thrills. The experienced team of nurses and doctors means you’re in good hands. Common features such as free WiFi and confinement menu are available.

Regular and free classes and sessions are available. Join in the infant bathing sessions, conducted by your bedside. Loosen the joints with a postnatal physiotherapy class and learn more about breastfeeding in the breastfeeding classes.

Price range: S$3,740- S$5,589 for normal delivery (no complications), ceasarean section (with serious complications) not available.


9. Thomson Medical Centre (TMC)

maternity package in singapore

Source: Thomson Medical Centre

TMC offers a more affordable private maternity package in Singapore. Furnished with a beverage corner, mini fridge and personal safe, you can rest assured whilst staying here. Complimentary Wi-Fi access and daily newspapers let you stay in contact with the outside world during your short stay. Companion accommodation can be ordered at an additional fee.

Confinement menu with TMC’s Signature Fish and Green Papaya Soup gives you all the necessary nutrition as you recover and rebuild. Enjoy a complimentary consultation from the lactation consultant and in-room training on the essentials of looking after your baby with the First Time Parents Programme.

Price range: S$6,048- S$8,004 for normal delivery (no complications),S$9,418- S$12,724 ceasarean section (with serious complications).

The average stay for normal vaginal childbirths with no complications is 2-3 days. This gives time for the midwives to teach the parents essential skills and for precautionary checkups before discharging the parents with their new shining bundle of joy.

There’s our summary of what to consider when choosing a maternity package in Singapore, and some of the best options. It’s important to point out that paying for a more exclusive ward option may not be important. However, paying for the type of delivery can be. You could save thousands if there are any complications, but you haven’t booked the required choice. Think of it as insurance, just in case!


Has our guide helped you decide on a maternity package in Singapore? Leave a comment!

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