Meet Javanese Princess Matilda Chong, Who Earned Her Way Into The Royal Family

Meet Javanese Princess Matilda Chong, Who Earned Her Way Into The Royal FamilyMeet Javanese Princess Matilda Chong, Who Earned Her Way Into The Royal Family

"It’s still business as usual", says the Princess.

For a lot of us, becoming a royal seems like a dream in a land far, far away… but here’s Asia’s own self-made PRINCESS, Matilda Chong. Now, you’re probably wondering, how could she be a self-made princess? Did she marry into royalty? 

The short answer is no, her family earned its way into royal status, which is rare in a monarchy. 

matilda chong

Source: Her World

Who is Matilda Chong?

matilda chong

Source: Instagram/matildachong

She is currently Executive Director of the Lions of Asia Group. She oversees the strategic planning of the organisation and plays an important role in going forward.

The 39-year-old is driving its subsidiary, Luke Alexander, which has interests in real estate and extension projects.

She worked in the family business since she was 21-years-old and has shown her competency time and time again.

Life after becoming royalty

matilda chong

Source: Strait Times

But how was she given the title of a princess? 

Matilda tells Her World that it comes on the back of her father William Marie Chong, founder of the Lions of Asia Group, receiving the title of Grand Prince by the royal family of Surakarta (more popularly known as Solo). Their continued business projects boosted the Indonesian economy, which Matilda played an integral role in doing so. And her efforts didn’t go unnoticed!

She describes the ceremony in April as lavish and grand as expected. There were fireworks, a grand feast and even Javanese dancing (which she had a go at!).

Of course, not anyone can become royalty in a Javanese court. You need to be recognised by the royal family for your significant positive contributions to the country. Which says a lot about the impact her family and Matilda herself has made.

However, life hasn’t changed much. “It’s still business as usual”, she says.

What’s life like for Matilda Chong outside of work?

matilda chong

Source: Instagram/matildachong

When not working, she enjoys spending time with her son and her 40-year-old partner, who works as a banker. 

“He plays a very integral role in my life, and he has always been supportive of me especially when the stress overwhelms me”.

She disclosed if they planned to marry in the future, she would need to ask for the King’s permission first. And if the King says yes, Matilda’s partner will be bestowed with the title of Prince!

When asked what’s the one thing she lives by, she said to stick to your own standards and believe in yourself. 

“You live your life for yourself, and not for others to see. I try to remain true to myself and I don’t bother to impress others”.


Matilda Chong shows how to handle being a princess with humility. It goes to show that doing good doesn’t go unnoticed!

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