McDonald's Oldest Employee, Singaporean Goh Gwek Eng, Dies At Age 90

McDonald's Oldest Employee, Singaporean Goh Gwek Eng, Dies At Age 90McDonald's Oldest Employee, Singaporean Goh Gwek Eng, Dies At Age 90

She had worked in McDonald's for almost 20 years before she passed away.

McDonald's oldest employee, Goh Gwek Eng, has died at the age of 90. She had worked in McDonald's for 20 years.

Goh worked at a McDonald's branch in Bedok Interchange, Singapore. She started working there back in 1998, after her children moved out.

"Now that most of them are working or have their own families, the house is very quiet," she told the Straits Times back in 2016. So, she headed to the McDonald's branch 20 minutes from her home and got herself a job.

It was her first job in decades. Before she worked for McDonald's, she worked as a helper in the '50s to early '60s.

"We wanted her to stay at home and enjoy life at first, but she said she was bored at home and could talk to other grandmas at McDonald's," Goh's son, Tan Pok Yong, told Chinese-language newspaper Lianhe Wanbao, reports Straits Times.

McDonald's oldest employee dies: Goh's work at the fast-food chain

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Her colleagues at McDonald's would help her carry heavy things or when she can't keep up with orders. Her only complaint? When making french fries, she'd get "very hot" standing in front of the fryer.

"I plan to keep working for as long as I am healthy," she had said.

"Mum really cherished her ability to work independently, and she did not ask for money from her children," Tan said. "She also kept the certificates and prizes she got from work carefully and treated them as treasures."

Sadly, she had grown frail over the last few years. She used to work five days a week, but cut down her workload to three hours during the weekends.

And in October 2017, she had to stop working because she began vomiting and having frequent diarrhoea. In January, she was diagnosed with Stage 3 stomach cancer.

The doctor told Goh that because of her age, her chances for survival were slim. And so Goh decided to forgo chemotherapy and simply returned home after the diagnosis. She passed away on 22 January 2018.


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