Millionaire Retires At 33 And Had To Learn How To Spend Free Time

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Everyday is a new adventure for Justin McCurry.

For most people at 33, their concerns are usually about buying a house, figuring out their career or negotiating the logistics of marriage and babies and all that jazz. Justin McCurry’s situation is slightly different – he had to figure out how to manage his time because he had retired!

Early retirement at 33

Yes, you heard that right. McCurry signed up for early retirement at 33 years old, five years ago. He was already a self-made millionaire and decided he could support his lifestyle from his passive income. His income streams come from Root of Good and an investment portfolio worth US$1.3 million he and his wife worked on.

Many of us dream of financial independence so we can live the lives we wanted. But for the former engineer who used to earn US$69,000 per year, the biggest challenge was adapting to the slower lifestyle.

In his recent interview with Business Insider, McCurry said “I felt like I had to be productive for at least part of the day. Eventually, I realised that this is the rest of my life – time to enjoy it! I upped the time I spent in my hammock, caught up on my Netflix queue, and read a bunch of books.”

Manage your time like a millionaire

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McCurry figured out how to fill his time using a weekly schedule. Despite the freedom, the structure and routine were necessary!

As stated on his blog, “Each day typically has a mix of a lot of fun, a moderate dose of physical activity, and a small dose of work.”

Every day is split into five categories – social, fun, physical, work and meals. Each category has a quota and he fills up his time to make sure he meets his personal targets. 35.5 hours are allocated for fun which involves planning holidays, reading or blogging. 18 hours are for physical activity like swimming. 13 hours are for “working” (personal finance or yard work), And 7.5 hours are spent with family or friends.

“Early retirement is like a full-time job where tasks consist solely of having fun and socialising,” McCurry wrote on his blog. “Everyone has their own definition of fun and their ideal level of socialising each week. I like a lot of solitary activities but also enjoy the company of other people.”

A Millionaire’s Schedule 

millionaire schedule

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To give an idea what his schedule looks like, here’s an example of a typical Friday.

7:30 a.m.: Work – wake up and get ready

8 a.m.: Physical – walk to school and drop off his kids

8:30 a.m.: Physical – walk to the park

9 a.m.: Work – teach ABC’s to his toddler

9:30 a.m.: Social – play date with his toddler

Noon: Meals – lunch

1 p.m.: Work – grocery shopping

2 p.m.: Work – internet chores

3 p.m.: Physical – walk to school to pick up the kids

3:30 p.m.: Physical – adventure time, which can range from visiting the park to exploring a nature reserve

6:30 p.m.: Meals – dinner

7:30 p.m.: Fun – video games and Netflix

millionaire schedule

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McCurry said he is picking up new skills, such as software development or foreign languages. The diversity of activities, mixing work and a whole lot of play, keeps him intellectually stimulated.


Even the rich need to find something to do! Let this be a lesson – planning your schedule will always be important!

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