Woman Runs Service Which Beats Up Your Husband's Mistresses For You

Woman Runs Service Which Beats Up Your Husband's Mistresses For YouWoman Runs Service Which Beats Up Your Husband's Mistresses For You

She receives over 100 calls from distressed women everyday.

There are all kinds of odd businesses in the world today. But we never thought we would find a service that would beat up your husband’s mistresses for you. In China, this “mistress killer” service is readily available and at your fingertips, so long as you have enough money. 

Mistress killer business in China

mistress killer

Source: The Coverage

Apparently, there is a mistress killer business in China owned by a woman who goes by Zhang Yufeng. She has helped thousands of Chinese wives exact revenge on their cheating husbands’ mistresses. Though, we absolutely detest this idea, it has gained popularity in the market.

Over the years, Zhang claims to have helped scorned women move on from their husbands’ infidelity. The service includes helping them collect evidence for court cases and also teaching them how to beat up and humiliate these mistresses.

mistress killer

Source: The Coverage

Zhang, whose nickname is “mistress killer”, started her business after her own husband cheated on her in the 1990s.

Scorned wife turned sorrow into a business

mistress killer

Source: The Coverage

“I curled up on the couch for a week. When I finally went out, my hair had become gray and people said I looked as if I’d lost more than 10 kilograms,” Zhang recalls. 

Refusing to let herself continue down that path, Zhang devoted herself to tracking down her unfaithful husband and his mistress. 

The couple had to move from house to house in a desperate attempt to flee from her.

During these desperate times, Zhang met an old woman who asked for help after learning that her son-in-law had a mistress. It had made her daughter suicidal.

Wanting to help others

mistress killer

Source: The Coverage

Wanting to help the woman, Zhang promised to deal with this issue two days later. But it seemed the worst had already happened. The daughter of the old woman had already committed suicide. 

It was then that she vowed to set the scales right.

Since 2003, Zhang has been running her business — the Fire Phoenix Agency.

Beyond just inflicting pain, Zhang truly has a heart to help these women. With money she earned from her business, she bought a property in Beijing, where she shelters women who have been kicked out by their husbands in favour of mistresses.

mistress killer

Source: The Coverage

With China’s divorce rate reaching new peaks, business has never been better, says Zhang. She receives over 100 calls a day from desperate women, seeking help. 


What do you think of this “mistress killer” business? Is it too extreme? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. 

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