How Money Affects Sex Life: 7 Shocking Ways Money Can Make Or Break It

Mo’ money, mo’ problems? In the bedroom, this statement could not be more wrong.

No, we’re absolutely not making this up. A survey by Money magazine polled over 1,000 married adults to find out how money affects sex life.

It turns out, money matters.

So, while you might not realise it yourself, money affects sex life in couples and you might want to reflect on how it has affected yours.

These are some of the findings by Money magazine on how money affects sex life in a couple:

1. Partners who earn the same have hotter sex

money affects sex life

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This hardly ever happens, especially in Asia. But in the surprising event that both partners earn about the same, it seems they can expect hotter sex. 51 percent of couples who earned the same reported a "very good" or "hot" sex life, according to the Money survey. Interestingly, men claim to have a better sex life when their wives make as much or more than they do.

2. Money can be the root cause of a poor sex life

money affects sex life

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Yes, it is directly linked! Think about it this way, you and your partner are lying in bed. You notice a huge paper bag of shopping in the corner of the room and question your partner. This results in an argument about money. This instantly kills your libido. Money, or finances, is actually one of the most common topics couples fight about.

3. Get a raise, get more sex

money affects sex life

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So it seems that money CAN actually buy you happiness (through sex). And no, we’re not talking about prostitutes. The International Journal of Manpower published a study which found that having sex four or more times a week was linked to a higher paycheck. Time to ask for that raise…

4. Women spend more time thinking about money than sex

money affects sex life

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77 percent of women admitted that they think about money more than they think about sex! You may not be conscious of this, but it’s worth being mindful of your thoughts to improve your performance in bed.

5. People spend more time obsessing over money than on sex

money affects sex life

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The Money survey found that 60 percent of couples checked their bank balance more often than they initiated sex. The next time you’re tempted to check your bank account to see how much savings you have, try initiating sex instead.

6. Stress equals little to no sex

money affects sex life

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It’s hard to be in the moment and focus on your primal needs when you’re stressed out about a million and one things. One of the most common everyday stresses that people experience is money worries.

Think about it this way the next time money stress gets in the way: the money problems will likely always be there if you have unrealistic expectations of what you want in life. Instead, be content with what you have and start focusing on your partner.

If it’s credit card debt you’re worried about, try this method to change bad money habits.

7. Sex can make you spend MORE money

money affects sex life

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A shocking finding on how money affects sex life in couples is that women tend to spend more money after they touch men’s boxers. Apparently, getting closer to a man’s privates (or even anything that reminds a woman of a man’s privates), can get a woman a little too excited and makes her seek out instant pleasure or gratification.

That’s how she ends up spending more while shopping. Guess sex really does sell.

Sources: Women's Health Mag

Featured photo: Pixabay

Have you ever experienced any of these thoughts on how money affects sex life in couples? Let us know in the comments.

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