Money Changer Employee Allegedly Stole S$470,000 In Cash

He ran off with almost half a million dollars to Malaysia.

Recently, a money changer employee in Singapore was charged with allegedly absconding with about half a million dollars in cash.

The man in question, Bahurudeen Kuthpudeen, 43, was charged with one count of criminal breach of trust as servant.

He is the business development manager of a money changer in the Central Business District area in Singapore. The man, who is an Indian national, was supposed to deliver three cash cheques totalling S$469,000 from RHB Bank at 90, Cecil Street to Mohamed Thahir Exchange.

The money changer employee fled the country

Instead, he allegedly fled with the money to Malaysia. A report was lodged by his employer when they found the funds to be missing.

Officers from the Royal Malaysia Police (RMP) arrested Bahurudeen just less than 12 hours later a day after the report was made.

Bahurudeen was then extradited back to Singapore the next day and handed over to the Singapore Police Force.

The police recovered cash of about S$24,000 from him.

Source: Singapore Police Force

Assistant Commissioner of Police Arthur Law, who is the commander of the Central Police Division in Singapore, thanked the RMP for its assistance in the arrest.

"This arrest is testament to the effectiveness of regional cooperation in crime-fighting efforts," he said.

"With the continued support of law enforcement agencies in the region, we will ensure that swift justice is served to criminals, regardless of where they choose to flee."

Bahurudeen will be remanded for a week at the Central Police Division. If convicted, he can be jailed for up to 15 years and fined.

It is common to see many money changer employees attempt to run off with cash. In January 2018, a money changer employee also ran off with RM8 million in cash in Malaysia, in one of the biggest money changer heists in the country.

Source: Straits Times


Money changer employees running off with cash is quite a common crime committed around the world. It is hard to believe that this can also happen in Singapore.

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