Change Currencies In Singapore With These Money Changers For The Best Rates

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If you can save lots of money, it's worth it to make a trip to these money changers.

From budget flights to budget hotels to the cheapest transportation options, we are always looking for ways to save money when travelling.

Another way for us to save those extra few dollars when travelling is to choose a good money changer with low rates.

Money changers in Singapore are aplenty. But not all of them have good rates. So if you’re looking for money changers in Singapore that will save you a few bucks, this list is for you.

These are 10 money changer Singapore best rates:

money changer singapore best rates

1. Arcade Plaza Traders at The Arcade, Raffles Place

The Arcade is well known for their low and competitive rates, which is why it is one of the top places recommended by Singaporeans to exchange foreign currency. You will often see long lines forming here, but that’s because their rates are so good! But be sure to go early as they run out of popular currencies like Malaysian Ringgit later in the day.

2. Fountain Money Changer, Marina Square

This is another money changer that you will always see a long queue, no matter what time of day you decide to go. But the rates are worth queuing up for.

3. Fajar Store Money Changer, Lucky Plaza

Most of the money changers in Lucky Plaza are well known for their good service and rates. As long as you do not go on a Saturday or Sunday, you won’t encounter much of a queue here.

4. Cuppage Money Changer, Cuppage Plaza

The rates at Cuppage Plaza aren’t the BEST in town but they are comparable to the best. If you’re in a rush and you’re not changing a large amount of money, this is the best place for you to change money at if you’re in the area.

5. Mustafa Foreign Exchange, Mustafa Centre

Mustafa Foreign Exchange is the only 24-hour money changer in Singapore. Not only are they open round the clock, they also have competitive exchange rates. So if you’ve forgotten to change money the night before your trip and don’t want to change money at the airport, this is a good alternative.

6. Crante Money Changer at People’s Park Complex, Chinatown

This is a personal favourite of ours. Crante Money Changer is known to have good rates for Chinese Yuan, Philippine Peso, Thailand Baht, Malaysian Ringgit, and Hong Kong Dollars. But you might have to wait in line for about 30 minutes here at Crante Money Changer as it always has long and snaking queues.

7. Yakadir Money Changer at Parkway Parade

If you live in the East, you won’t want to travel all the way to town to change money. You can get your money changed at Parkway Parade instead. Yakadir has good rates and they even have their own website where you can check the exchange rates ( daily.

8. Iban Express at Ang Mo Kio Hub

Those who live in Ang Mo Kio will surely know this money changer. You won’t have to queue too much, especially during off-peak seasons and timings. Rates are still good and comparable to the popular ones in town.

9. A.R. Money Changer

Another well-known money changer in the suburbs of Singapore is A.R. Money Changer. Bishan Junction 8 mall’s money changer often sees crowds of people lining up to change their currency here — especially Malaysian Ringgit.

10. Ahnaaf Money Changer, Sun Plaza

Here’s another neighbourhood money changer to consider. If you happen to live in Sembawang or be in the area, Sun Plaza’s a good place to change money. Ahnaaf Money Changer is a popular money changer to go to for buying Malaysian Ringgit.


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Best Money Changers In Malaysia With The Lowest Rates


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