Money Lending Scam In Singapore: Stranger Transfers $600 To A Woman's Account, Demands $800 Back

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"Please do not be afraid of these people and follow instructions given by them," says this woman who was the target of a money lending scam in Singapore.

When Singaporean Kym Tan Meiting received a screenshot of a bank transfer to her account from an unknown number, she thought that someone had just made an honest mistake. She replied asking for the person’s account number so she could transfer the money back. His reply? He said he could not take the money back anymore, and that Kym should pay him $800 in 5 days. This incident of a money lending scam in Singapore has since gone viral on Facebook, getting over 3,700 shares as of this writing.

Crazy money lending frauds in Singapore!

In her initial Facebook post, she writes:

pls share and create awareness of this .

recently theres one idiot that out of nowhere transfer $600 into my acc. and then i recieve a msg that say 'thank you for supporting us' with the payment screenshot below

i reply back, who are u i dunno u. why u transfer money to me. he then became aggressive say i loan from them. i say sorry i dunno u and i dun need ur $600, u give me ur acc no i transfer bk u ur money. he say he cannot take back the money anymore and demand that i must pay $800 back in 5 days

The drama went on. Kym then got a message from someone who called themselves Jacky. Jacky explained that one of her workers misused company funds, and gave an account number for the transfer. But Kym wasn’t buying it. What did Kym do? She invited the two numbers in a group chat.

money lending frauds

Why didn’t she just transfer the money back?

Kym explains that she didn’t because she was given an account that doesn’t belong to the scammer. “I will become a runner used by him to transfer money to his customer or just another victim like me,” says Kym, who then advised her followers to not be afraid of these people and feel pressured to follow their instructions.

In the comments, Kym says that she has already made a police report. Here's hoping that these scammers get what's coming to them.

Have you heard of any other instance of this money lending scam in Singapore? Let us know in the comments! Meanwhile, read these articles below to learn how to protect yourself from scams.

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