Money-Saving Travel Apps: 7 Must-Have Apps For Travellers On A Budget

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Travelling on a budget? Before your next trip, download these money-saving travel apps to find great deals and spend a whole lot less.

People say that travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer. While that isn’t true (insurance, anyone?), we appreciate the sentiment. However, globe-trotting isn’t cheap, which is why you should always find every means to get the most bang for your back.

We’ve made it a little easier by compiling 7 useful money saving travel apps. These awesome apps let you stretch your budget and save money for your future travels, from airfare to hotels to transit—who doesn’t want that?

1. Travel Money

If you travel in groups, you probably know what a pain it can be to split expenses and calculate how much you owe each other. Travel Money lets groups track and manage their expenses, even when using multiple currencies. The only down-side to Travel Money is that it’s only available for Android phones—iPhone users, guess we’re stuck with Google Sheets for now.

Download: Android

2. Hopper

If you’re not travelling with a particular agenda, Hopper is a great flight booking tool that actually tells you when the best time to buy is. You simply search for a trip and select dates, and Hopper will give you a prediction on when flights will be cheapest. This money saving travel app can also send you notifications as soon as prices drop, letting you save up to 40% on flights. Not bad, huh?

Download: Android |iOS

3. Hotel Quickly

Generally, booking at the very last minute is a terrible idea, but HotelQuickly lets you find discounted rooms up to a week in advance. Available in 16 Asia-Pacific countries, it’s such a great way to find good deals that you might end up booking everything at the very last minute a habit! This is a money saving travel app that we recommend for everyone!

Download: Android | iOS

4.Transit App

There are several apps out there that help you navigate a new city’s public transportation, but Transit stands out because it’s available in 145 cities in 10 countries, and is expanding. The app lets you easily compare different travel options, including Uber, bike-share, and carshare, so you can instantly see which works best for your budget.

Download: Android |iOS

5. Kayak

A one-stop shop for all things travel, Kayak searches hundreds of travel sites to help you find the cheapest flights, hotels, and rental cars. You can also use the app to organise your travel plans (it lets you book tickets for attractions!), track flights, and navigate through airports.

Download: Android | iOS

6. XE Currency

A must-have for overseas travellers, the XE Currency app lets you access live exchange rates, making calculating prices so much easier.

Download: Android |iOS

7. Turo

Known as the Airbnb of car rentals, Turo lets travellers rent cars from local car owners at low rates. Turo mainly operates in the US and Canada, but has expanded to other countries. As with many of the apps on this list, you should check first to see if the service is available in the area you’re going to visit.

Download: Android | iOS

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