This Engineer Quit His Dream Job Working For Tesla - Here's Why

This Engineer Quit His Dream Job Working For Tesla - Here's WhyThis Engineer Quit His Dream Job Working For Tesla - Here's Why

A former Tesla engineer quit his dream job to work on his startup, "Morning Recovery," that sells FDA-compliant hangover cures.

Sisun Lee was an engineer working on cutting-edge technology in Tesla. He was, no doubt, living the dream. He landed his dream job working at Tesla, and he was satisfied with where he was in life. However, a side project that he had, suddenly made it big. And he was forced to resign and work full time on Morning Recovery, a startup that sells hangover cures.

The story behind morning recovery

Morning Recovery


It all started about a year ago, when Lee went on a trip to South Korea, his home country. Koreans are pretty well-known for their partying ways, and Lee, of course, spent a lot of time partying and getting drunk.

Usually, a night of partying meant a hangover the next day, but his friends shared with him their secret: hangover cure drinks that are popular in Korea.

In an interview with Business Insider, Lee said that the drinks worked very well for him. “The next day, I woke up feeling great,” he shared.

When he came back to the US, he tried looking for similar drinks, but they weren’t as effective as the ones he had in Korea.

So he decided to buy the Korean hangover cures online and shared them with his friends. They absolutely loved it and decided that to import and distribute them in the US. However, the Korean companies weren’t interested since he had no background in drinks or consumer goods.

But then, he hit upon a great idea. He decided that he will make the products himself.

Fortunately, Lee took up 3 years of nanotechnology/biotech engineering in college before he shifted to computer engineering.

He stumbled upon a study done by Dr. Jing Liang, a researcher from UCLA who found that dihydromyricetin, which can be found in Oriental raisin tree and rattan tea was the key to curing hangovers.

“Leaving Tesla was a very tough decision”

Morning Recovery


He got in touch with Dr. Liang, who agreed to advise him in formulating the drink. He also sought the help of some of his engineer friends, and eventually they stumbled upon the recipe for their hangover cure.

Lee started testing his hangover cure, first on himself, and found that it was effective. He then asked his friends to share it with their friends, and the feedback was very positive.

However, Lee still wanted to be sure of his product, so he and his friends put up a simple website and posted on Facebook, asking for people to try out their products. Eventually, his product was shared on where it quickly blew up.

Word about his hangover cure quickly spread, and Lee soon found that his small project, Morning Recovery, was turning into something big.

Eventually, he decided to take the leap and quit his job at Tesla to work full time at Morning Recovery. “Leaving Tesla was a very tough decision. If I could have done both, I would have,” he shared.

A million-dollar idea

Three months after they launched in July 2017, Morning Recovery hit US$1 million in revenues and continues to see tremendous growth to date.

Lee and his team are also constantly improving their formulation to make their product more effective. They’re also one of the fastest growing startups, and their product is a big hit in the US.

And it all started because Lee wanted to find a way to prevent hangovers after a night of partying.


Would you try Morning Recovery to prevent hangovers? Let us know in the comments.

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